I want to welcome you to my blog. I will maintain and hopefully post to this blog regularly. That is when I am not creating some beautiful handmade jewelry. Please feel free to make comments here. Let me know what you think. This blog predominantly about handmade jewelry, handmade jewelry artisans, and other information regarding handmade jewelry.  However, me being me, there will probably be the occasional post about the other things in my life as well.

I will probably jot notes about how my days are going and even occasionally drop in a few recipes that I have found to be worth of sharing.Sometimes it will be other crafts that I pick up from time to time to refresh myself or just to give my brain and hands some quiet time to become inspired again with jewelry. Sometimes you may even see a few comments and/or photos of my "heart" my "little man", yeah that one, my grandson. All of these different things make up my life.

Feel free to comment about what you would like to see or what just trips your trigger. Let me know what you like and what you don't like.  Have an idea and not sure where to plug it, give me a shout.

Above all else.  Keep the faith, and May God Bless you all.


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