This is Me

This page is dedicated to letting you know a bit about me and what it is that I do and maybe a little about why.

I am a 62 year old single lady living in Daytona Beach, FL.  I have been in this area for over 20 years and consider it home.  I divorced about 23 years ago and have been single since.  I tried dating a couple of times, but it just didn't seem to fit who I am I guess.  Anyway, I decided that my children needed me more than I needed anything or anyone. 

I have two children, a daughter who is now 30 and a single mother of a precocious 6 year old son.  I also have a son who is 32 and who works in the area.  He is married but has no children of his own yet.  He does have a step-son who now lives with them.  It appears he has become quite attached to the young boy, which is great for them both.  My daughter lives with me and until the last week or so worked part time for a national hardware chain, she was recently promoted to a full time position which makes her very happy and is good for me because I love hardware and tools of all kinds. 

I have always done something in my spare time, reading was a primary pleasure and still is.  However, I started out trying to learn how to "tat".  My grandmother was going to teach me but she finally decided that I was all fingers and decided instead to hand me some yarn and a crochet hook. I learned to crochet and did that for many years, and continue to do so, you may see and item or two here and there in my Handmade Artists Shop  Then one day I saw Donna Dewberry on TV and said OMG, I would love to be able to do that, so I did.  I taught myself how to paint the Donna Dewberry One Stroke way.  I did a lot of that for a long time, I even did some murals and borders for several people around the Daytona area.  That was great fun.  During that time I developed a bit of my own style and created some unusual items, like a mailbox painted with elephants. I then began working as a realtor and that started taking up most of my day and evening time and the painting sort of went by the wayside.  I still love to paint and do a little here around the house, and even the occasional canvas.  Maybe someday I will show you .

Then came the beads.  Yeah, beads are beautiful and I began collecting beads years ago.  I would be in the craft store and see something that I thought was lovely and began by putting different beads together with the thought "hmmm, that would make a beautiful necklace or earrings.  " Haven't we all."  Well they just sort of lay around the house until the amount became so large that I went and purchased some storage boxes for them and painstakingly separated them into little compartments and then lovingly replaced them in the closet til I purchased more.  LOL.My daughter began asking, "mom, when are you going to do something with all those beads?"  I just answered, "oh, I don't know, when I get the time."  Generally, it was because I was reading a book that I just could not put down. There usually was. 

But then a in 2009, I needed something to wear to a Halloween party so I gave the beads to my daughter and asked her to make me something since she was so interested in them.  Well she did.  She made me a pair of "slave anklets" and that was the beginning of A Beaded Affair which was the former name of my beading business.  She has not stopped putting things together. Since my eyesight is getting worse with age as many of us have happen to us I did not think that I could do the really detailed work like bead weaving or stitching.  However, I tried it one day and ooooh the love affair really began then.  I design items and my daughter will put them together for me sometimes but I have begun to do most everything in my beading world myself.  Her time is best spent taking care of my "little man" and now her full time job.

Of course, I  take inspiration wherever I can find it, jewelry stores, Internet, other jewelry creators.  I try very diligently not to replicate any ones work.  So let me apologize if my work resembles any of your own, it is not intentional, ever.  I am always looking for new ways to wire wrap or bead or new ideas of how to create more beautiful things.  I am also looking to sell our items on A Bead Thing.  I realize that it takes a while to get the sales going, but I am really trying to make something substantial here.
It is always great when one gets to do something and earn a living at the very thing that makes them happy, that they enjoy above all other things to do.  The only thing that I enjoy more is playing with Jaeden, my grandson and watching him learn and grow into a wonderful little man.  He actually gives me a lot of feedback on the jewelry.  Not sure where he came up with this word, but if he tells us that an item is "chilly", it means he does not like it.  If he tells us "hey, Mimi, (that's me) that is not chilly at all, then I know I have something that looks great.  Call me an "ole fool" but I will take his word for it, at least for now.

Somehow I think the Lord speaks to me through Jaeden.  Of course, He speaks to me in many ways, dreams, feelings and of course His word.  I know we all believe differently and this blog is not about that, I just wanted everyone to know that I am a Christian, have Christian beliefs, and I stand on the Word of God no matter what.  I trust God with my life and that of my family and friends.  My faith rests in the Lord.  Because of my faith and beliefs, I will always work with integrity and honesty.  I will always make every effort to give more than I receive, because joy comes from giving and we can never outgive God anyway.

Ok,  I think that is quite enough about me, but if you would like to know more or if you would like to talk to me about who you are and  perhaps we have some things in common, I can and will talk or write about anything, jewelry, children, cooking, etc.  I do lots of different things and I am a great listener, so just write away and if you like privacy, email me at  I will always respond.  I also love to write, can you tell.  LOL. Also check out the website at

See you soon.


Teresa said...

Hi Pam, just found your blog thru the "It's better handmade" group. Love that someone out there is close to my age and still thinking young, and loving life and creating art. Definitely going to be following your blog,and work.
Appreciate the sentiment about style similarities in jewelry, I've made the same disclaimer once or twice. Would love for you to stop by my blog sometime and say hi!
God bless
keep up the good work

Warmest regards,

Pam Andrews said...

Thank you Teresa and I will definitely check out your blog. In fact on my way now.