Friday, September 12, 2014


Let's take a look together at some wonderful leather and bead work done by a couple, Debbie and John of Handmade Artists.  They are Thunderroseleather.  They work in leather and beads all done by hand in Arizona.  They work typically in western, mountain man and native American style with some "old west" thrown in as well.  The work is beautiful and having had some leather, I know from experience that it is time consuming to complete a project.  In fact, my project was never completed and I have never started another one.  Nope, when I am ready, I will get my purse from Debbie and John.

There are many thinks I could say here, but words will not describe to you the work that this couple produces.  I can however tell you that they are lovely people and I really enjoy getting to know them on the Handmade Artists Forum.  Come on over, you don't have to be an artists to join us on the forum, get to know John and Debbie and you will see for yourself.  Also take a look in their shop at all the beautiful items there.

Here are just a few.
This beautiful black fringe cross body handbag is great.  You can use it with any fashion you choose.  This particular one does not have bead work on it but if that is what you want, Just let them know and they will work out what you like and trust me you will be happy with the results.

Don't like to carry a purse but need to have something to tote your phone in other that your back pocket, well this little beauty is just the ticket.  Again, non-beaded, but just ask, they aim to please.

These are so adorable.  Beaded and blessed.  It almost, (heavy on the almost) makes me wish I was younger and had a newborn again.  Yeah, ALMOST.

Need a toddler size?  Well here you go.

Last but not least, I think this is my favorite bag.  When I can, I am certainly going to be purchasing one of these.  Just wait and see me carrying this around town.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful leather bags.  I know I enjoyed trying to choose from all they have to show you just a sample.

You be sure to go take a look see for yourself.  You can find them in all the right places.

Thanks for taking a look and I will see you soon.

Be blessed


Debbie Rodgers said...

Thanks so much for the feature Pam. It is really appreciated!

Janice Reed said...

Great blog post Pam, Debbie and John are two of my favorite handmade artisans and your kind and generous words certainly are heartfelt!

Marie Flutterby said...

LOVE LOVE their mini boho bags such beautiful work and talent, they literally love what they do it's obvious because their hearts glow through their work.