Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Monday Morning?????

Yes, I am up, I am alive and I am thankful.  However, today I think I am being tested or attacked, probably a bit of both.  Anger tried to take hold of our household this morning and it is still lurking around.  Of course the homeschooling is always a challenge with my little man, but he is now under an ultimatum, either he does as requested and stays the path or he will be returned to public school.  He does not want to go back to public school and we don't want him to, but there comes a point when there just aren't any alternatives to a situation.

SOOOO, finally got him working on his worksheets and I am just waiting for Meagan to arrive for the remainder of his day, which is Spanish and American History and of course the ever present Math. Now to find something to occupy my time for the afternoon.  I am just trying to decide if I want to work with wire today or stick with my seed beads or perhaps combine them.  I have quite a few new seed beads that arrived just before my trip to NC and I have not used them yet. 

Ok, seed beads it is, today, I will work with 15/0 and 11/0.  Triangles, in new colors and put together a bit differently I think.  I will be sure to post a picture when it is complete.  But for now, here is a photo of an approximation of what I will be doing.

This photo is from Sara Spoltore's website Beads Friends.  She has a YouTube channel as well and that is where I learned to do this particular type of beading.  She is a very good teacher and has two channels, one is in her native tongue which is believe is Italian and the other is in English. is her English site and channel and the other is the Italian site and she also has  YouTube channel by this name as well, so if you understand her Italian better than English, by all means visit her site or channel and you will see many beautiful items that she is happy to teach you.
By the way her English is very good, so check that one as well.

But anyway, this triangle style is what I will be working on today.  I am going to try to devise my own special triangle and put them together into a bracelet.  Wish me luck.

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