Friday, September 12, 2014


Now I am off to the races featuring from Handmade Artist the wonderful Kris of the shop Lisianblue.  Kris also has a shop Reflections where you can find so much to choose from.
Kris lives in New Mexico and spends a lot of time helping to take care of her grandchildren whom she loves to oblivion as we all do our grandchildren.  But for her art, she does many things.  Kris says that she can not just do one type of creation, that she must do different things in order not to become bored.  She also tells us that she won't do anything if she can't do it well.  Well yay for Kris.  You will find many things in her shop that will delight you and tickle your fancy.  I did and if I had the 'dough' I would probably spend much of it in her shop.

When I say she does a lot of different things, I mean "really"?  She does candle making, paper creations, gift cards, paints on glass, fine art with oils and pastels, bead work in jewelry and on clothing as well as sewing, cross stitch, wood working and much more.  Just send her a message for what you desire and she will get it done.  Right now I think she is geared up for fall and winter with beautiful knit and crochet hats, scarves and OH she also knits and crochets washcloths.  You just have to go take a look at her shop.  There is something for everyone.  Here are some examples of the things that caught my eye.

This is a cutie, in fact, I bought one of these for my grandson and he just loves it. She will do them in any color you like.

These winter white hexagon washcloths are a great idea especially for a special guest during the holidays perhaps.

This bib scallop trim with a lovely little flower to dress it all up is just fantastic and I love the green and purple together.

Last but not least is this beautiful cable knit fisherman's cap.  It is gorgeous and I hope that this closeup photo will show you exactly how good Kris is, the detail is perfection.

Here is one of her art pieces.  I love this, of course I love poppies but this is gorgeous.  Such talent.

And here is a hand painted, stained glass pendant of a butterfly.  I really love this piece.

Please stop by and check out all the locations so that you don't miss a single thing that Kris has to offer. 

You can find her at the following places.

Make sure you say hello.

Thanks for taking the time to share this with others as well.

Be blessed


Debbie Rodgers said...

Hi Pam. Love all the items in this awesome blog feature.

Marie Flutterby said...

Love the purple and green together as well very much a vintage look!

Very cute snake as well! =0)