Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catchin' Up

Good Sunday morning to everyone. 

I wanted to give an update on what's been going on and why I have not been around like I should have been. 
First, I had a few issues to deal with in getting ready for homeschooling.  Then there was the research, printing and organizing the materials for this years work.  We have added a new person to our homeschool team here.  A friend and co-worker of my daughters is now assisting with the teaching responsibilities.  Jaeden really likes her and responds to her very well.  She is a whiz at science and math so she will be responsible for those subjects as well as some history, social studies and geography.  Of course, I will be putting my two cents in as well, so some of his classes will be with me in those areas, well maybe not so much in the science area.  So welcome aboard to Meagan. We have also added physical fitness to his daily routine, Meagan takes him for a run on the days she is here and when his attention needs to be redirected, she has him do a few jumping jacks in the classroom

I will be taking care of English or as some prefer Language Arts, literature, vocabulary, spelling and general life skills as well as character building and Bible study.  As usual Jaeden is resistant to school work of any kind, so there have been several days of some serious tug of war between he and I but we are getting there.

But in addition to all that, we took a couple of weeks and visited an old friend in North Carolina.  I really was also looking forward to the opportunity of getting to go closer to the mountains and meeting another friend of mine from Handmade Artists Forum.  Debbi lives in North Carolina and this is the second time I have missed the opportunity to get to meet her and her beautiful family.  Sorry Debbi, next time, I promise, perhaps in February, not sure yet.  But even so, we were very busy, taking care of some things for my friend, helping her set up a new computer and trying to teach Jaeden how to swim.

Now that we are back in school, we are also in the planning stages for our fall garden. Pretty much everything grows here in Florida year round, but we are specifically targeting for fall plantings like cabbage, greens and things.  Jaeden has done some precursory work on eating healthier and the benefits of fruits and vegetables and has asked to have more of these things.

The other reason and probably the main reason is that my laptop sort of got fried when in NC,  while setting up my friends wireless network, I left my laptop open and on top of a plastic bin in her work room and forgot to turn it off so it overheated.  I think that most everything was salvageable and it seems to be working ok for now but I can only use it for short periods of time.  The fan motor burned out and nearly fried the hard drive. 

Anyway, I am back now and hope that you will all forgive the absence and that you are looking forward to more features on handmade artists work as well as more of my own creations and peaks into our family goings on.

Take care, live healthy and praise the Lord for each day.

Be Blessed

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