Thursday, September 18, 2014

A word on the AlchemistsVessel

There are loads of things I could say to describe this artisan.  Well, no, not really, her work is beyond words.  TheAlchemistsVessel describes herself as a self-taught artist who loves to add whimsy and femininity to her work.  She also says that by not being confined to the traditional she is able to be more free in her design.  And design she does.  She is a fantastic Certified Jewelry Designer and Repair technician.  Her work spans many types of media, from chainmaille to up cycled vintage pieces. 

Alix can be found at her shop in Boise, Idaho or online at Handmade Artists.  I will be sure to post all the various places you can find this artist at the end of the post.  You will want to bookmark her sites so that you can come back often and take a look at the newest selection of beautiful creations. 

Alix is meticulous in the detail and design of her work and each piece is unique and will give you many years of pleasure and then hand it down the line in your family for them to enjoy for many more years.

Here is a sample of some of the work that Alix has created.

This piece Alix calls the Queen of Hearts Chainmaille Czech Glass Bead Set.  It is a beautiful necklace and comes with matching earrings.  Great for that special date.

The Azure for Sure Snake ring will fascinate you each and every time that you wear it.  It is completely hand forged from a single length of stock and is twisted by curved by hand with a beautiful deep lapis enameled stone. It is a one of a kind piece and fits US size 9.

If you love chainmaille, then this is an absolute must have for your collection.  Alix makes all her jump rings for chainmaille by hand and these are sterling silver plated (over brass) with Czech glass sapphire beads.  There are earrings to match and if I am not mistaken there is a separate listing for a bracelet in the same style that will give you a perfect set.  This set is collar necklace and earrings.

Here is a gorgeous malachite and sterling silver ring.  Again, this is completely hand forged and the malachite (beautiful) is a grade A stone.  Isn't this just stunning.

And last but by no means last, this piece is called "Seaside Rendezvous".  Beautiful chainmaille. and it shows to all us who work typically with beads only, that you do not need beads to add color.  Alix has many pieces with various colors and they are all just perfect and you can get one to match each outfit.

Of course, this is a very small selection of the wearable art that has been created by The Alchemist Vessel, so you will need to check the links below to get a look at all of the scrumptious pieces that she has to offer.

Thanks for taking a look and I'll see you again soon.

Be blessed


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Oh Pam, thank you so much for the wonderful post, and sharing the details and the pieces. I think I need a tissue.

The Alchemist said...
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