Friday, June 6, 2014

The Other Half

Here we go, yes the other half of my previous post showing the awesomeness of Kimberly Kitchen.  Well now you get to see the half, Andrew Kitchen.  They are simply an amazing couple.

Andrew is the owner of Handmade Artists along with Kimberly.  This site was created in response to Kimberly and her desire for a place where handmade and the artists who create it could be showcased and uplifted like nowhere else. 

Andrew has a shop of his own and his amazing chainmaille takes the spotlight.  I for one don't do chainmaille even though the thought has cross my mind to try it, I have just decided to leave this to the handmade professionals like Andrew.  Take a look at a few of his pieces and you will clearly understand why I made this decision.

Here are Silver and Copper Dragonscale Earrings.
Amazing right? Yes, keep on looking.
All rings are hand coiled by Andrew.  

The Braided European 4 in 1 bracelet is a spectacular sight to see.  Andrew calls this a showstopper, I have to agree wholeheartedly.  I just can't imagine making all those rings by hand and then putting them together.  This is an amazing piece and weighs in at a bit over 3 ounces and is about 1 inch wide.  Intricate and spectacular are just not the right words, but right now that is all I can think of. 

That is a peek at Andrew's work as far as his handmade, but if you look around the shop and check in at the forums, you will find the true worth of Andrew.  This site began as a forum and it grew and grew until they revamped it into a site where any artist can show, sell or just come and talk about their work.  They are always around to listen to your ideas, your complaints, and to offer support that you will find nowhere else on the Internet.  Andrew stands true to his words here on this site.  There are only handmade items to be find here, no reselling allowed. 

Please do yourself a favor and come by Handmade Artists and take a look for yourself at Andrew's beautiful work, pick up a piece or two for yourself, but more than that look around and you will find that this site is truly about handmade and supporting those who create it and Andrew is always ready with his bullhorn to pronounce it to the world and we all at the site love him for it.

Clink on this link Chainmaille by MBOI and check out Andrew and his work. You can also find him on Facebook and here on Twitter.

Then click out the forum and you will see many, many artists hanging out and discussing all kinds of issues and just being friends.  I am proud to call Andrew one of my friends.

Be blessed


myeuropeantouch said...

Pam, that is really well done, it is interesting how different everyone sees Andrew and Kimberly. I mean showing them differently in their blog post....


Larissa said...

I'm obsessed with his chainmaille and holy crow I want that tricolor bracelet!!!

John Rasmussen said...

As usual Pam, you have posted a great review of Andrew'w work as a handmade artist. Keep up the great support you give to HAShops.


Debbie Rodgers said...

Really great work. His jewelry is so beautiful! Great post Pam!

Debbi Huntington said...

Andrews work with chainmaille amazes me. great feature.

Teresa Ivey said...

Andrew does do amazing work

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Thanks so much Pam!!

lisianblue Kris said...

Love it!