Monday, May 26, 2014

Moving Right Along with Bead Weaving

Most of this series has been to do with using seed beads in your bead weaving.  That's not to say that this is the only bead that you can use, but it is the most difficult. Why?  Because they are small and easily missed or the sizes in your batch don't match up.  Anyway, for this series, we have now reviewed

as well as a few tidbits on other items.

This post will be broken down into two posts, just simply because I get a bit wordy and I don't want to lose readers because the post is to lengthy.

So now, let's talk about getting down to the nitty gritty of bead weaving.  You need to use the right thread and for the most part, this is an individual choice, it is what works best for your and your style of beading.  Here are some of my thoughts.

First let me just say that the threads I choose to use most often are Fireline and Wildfire.  Usually 8lb test and .006 or .008.  These just work better for me, your needle won't split them quite as often when you are going back through a bead and they knot easily and pull into your bead for hiding quite well. You can get Fireline through any of your bead suppliers, but you can get it cheaper at your local fish and tackle shop. WalMart even carries the neon colors now more than the crystal or smoke.

There are literally hundreds of choices.  When viewing a tutorial material list, you will often see Nymo thread listed.  I simply don't like Nymo or KO, but would choose KO over Nymo.  It splits, frays and in general just does not hold up to my beading, but that is my personal taste, try it you might like it.

Now let's get that thread onto a needle. Generally, you will use a needle that is close to the size of the bead your are using, for example for an 11/0 seed bead you will want to use a size 11 or 12 needle.  The higher the number of the needle, the thinner the needle and also the smaller the hole for the thread.  But these needles will be able to go through your beads several times without a problem.

Typically, I use either a size 10 and a size 12.  The size 10 is easier for me to thread and this is how I do it.

Get some beeswax, it is a must have.  Cut your desired length of thread (whatever you are comfortable with) usually not more than 3 yards (3 arm spans), then pull the thread through the beeswax.  This helps prevent tangling, knotting and it makes threading the needle a bit easier.  Take your flat nose pliers and fatten out about a half inch of the end of the thread, put the end of the thread between your thumb and forefinger so that only a small bit is showing, then take your needle and push it onto the thread.  That works better for me than anything. 

Got it done?  Great, get started doing some practice with your favorite beginner tutorial.

See you in a few days with more on bead weaving and what works for me.

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