Thursday, May 15, 2014

Latest Happenings

Well, I am not quite ready to finish my series yet, but the next post is not coming along as expected, so my apologies to everyone, it is a bit delayed, but just to keep up here, I thought I would post a few of the pieces I have been creating lately.

First there are several pair of earrings, all with the same type design.  This is a pair of earrings I saw from Chan Lu and I just tried to figure out how she did it.  This is what I came up with and did several with different size beads to see the effect.

First, these are some glass beads I picked up at the local craft store that I liked, they have a slight AB finish which really does not show up well in the photographs. Using two threaded needles and some right angle weave, this is what I came up with.

Second, I had some Czech fire polished beads and wow the camera does not do justice to this color.  They look read but in reality are a rich deep burgundy which is absolutely gorgeous.  I think this is my favorite.  You can see the different between this and the one above just with a difference in the size of bead.

Third, again some beads I picked up at the local craft store because they caught my eye, they are gold coated with a faceted side that shows an emerald green and I have used gold 11/0 seed beads to show them off. This pair I decided to do only two drops and the look great.

 Then I decided to do a ring in the Czech fire polished bead with a 11/0 gold seed bead and again WOW, I need a better camera or maybe it is the computer that does not show the right color.  Either way, I think I am in the market for new of both.

This is the same deep burgundy fire polished bead that are in the earrings which I have shown below as well as a set. 

I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peak at the newest listings in my shop at A Bead Thing on the Handmade Artists Shops.

Stop by anytime and be sure to look around, there are loads of other talented handmade artists there who have wonderful things to look at and to buy.  Great gifts to be had at the Handmade Artists shops.

Be safe and be blessed

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