Saturday, April 19, 2014

Next Up for Seed Beaders

Ok, so now you have the correct lighting, let's move on.  Unless you are simply a recreational beader, then most everything else sort of assumes that you have some specific room or area of your home that this lighting has been placed for you to work. 

Get the proper seating.  This does not seem like such a big deal right, just sit back in your easy chair and bead away.  Well like I said in my last post, these tips and ideas are from my own experience. 

My personal experience in seating is 1) I just absolutely must be comfortable and 2) I must have the ability to have my feet flat on the floor. So my options of seating were, couch, recliner, dining chair, secretary chair.  I opted for the secretary chair.

It was nearly impossible for me to use the couch for several reasons the least of which was that it is the place that everyone else in the house wants to sit, therefore, no stability for my beading.  The recliner, though comfortable for sitting, not so for beading as I found myself sitting on the edge of the recliner, leaned forward all the time which caused my back and shoulders to scream out.  So since I had the space in my bedroom for a craft area and now that we have moved, I have a specific room in the house which is used for all crafts and homeschooling, I use this room.  So I have a secretary's chair (rollers and all). I can place my feet flat on the floor (as all secretary's and typists are taught to do in the first place for comfort) or I can simply place feet flat on the base of the chair.  Similar to this one.
The one I use has no arms.  You can adjust the back to suit your personal needs as well as the height of the chair to suit your work table.  On my tile floors this is optimal because I can roll back and forth to reach what I need from one end of my 6 foot table to the other, which brings me to my next item, workspace.

I have one of those 6 feet work tables, you know the ones, like you use when you take your work to shows or that is provided for you. Yep, that's the one. It give me room for working, storing bead boxes, having my laptop up and running all the time as well as room for my printer.  Under the table I use two of those 3-drawer rolling carts like you can get at WalMart for cheap to store the odds and ends, you know, tools, tape, graph paper, specific peyote graph paper, post it notes to make myself reminders, all that type of stuff.

Now you have the chair, the workspace, the storage of non-essential items basically.  Now comes the storage for the beads.  This can come in many forms and they don't have to be expensive.Here are a few of the ones that I use.

The Craftmates Snappon books were my favorite for seed beads.  They come in various sizes with up to 12 individual boxes that typically has 7 separated, lockable storage spots.  I like them because once they click shut, they will not come open.  Of course, they will if they take a fall from say the top of the table to the tile floor beneath as my daughter has recently realized, when she had to pick up and resort all of one of my containers, however, only 1 of the individual boxes came open.  I guess it took the hardest hit.  They hold typically about 8 grams of 11/0 beads and of course it would be less than that for 6/0 and 8/0 beads. 

Another wonderful item I use for seed beads is a seasoning carousel.  Like the one below.

When we moved, I gained a craft/homeschool room but I lost counter space in my kitchen so I could no longer use this for spices, so it became one of my seed bead holders.  I have not actually tried it yet, but I am certain that these will hold 10 to 15 grams of 11/0 seed beads and of course more than that for 15/0's.  Once I started using this for seed bead storage, I loved it and will be reorganizing my seed beads and purchasing another of these little carousel's for use.  They make life sooooooo much easier.

So now we have covered lighting, seating, workspace and storage.  Bet you can't wait til next time.  Stay tuned, cause once this is all set up in your space, we will be ready to tackle the real problems or issues with seed beading and how I handle them.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments to let me know if you like this series and what you might be interested in learning next.

God Bless

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