Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Favorite Things

This weeks theme for our Handmade Artists blog ring is about "My Favorite Things".  Well that could encompass many different types of things.  I will try to show you some of those from those participating in our current blog ring.  (psst, they are fantastic artists, btw).

Of course you can't go wrong with any of the items from Sandi's shop over at IKnitQuiltSew.  I have not seen much that this particular artists cannot do.  But as I have shown you before, one of my FAVORITE things from her shop are the curly scarves.  I think they are simply divine.  Take a look for yourself.  Here's a few and you can also tell here that this deep red or crimson is also one of my favorite colors.

This has to be my all time favorite, the color is fantastic and the look is great.
Above is another hot little number with variations in the hue, I just love this because it gives lots of different opportunities to pair it with other colors.

To the left is a classic look I think.  It is gorgeous, not red but still would fit great into my wardrobe.

Moving along now to another of my favorite artists, we find an expert in gemstones.  John has an amazing background in different fields but his first love is gemstones and he does a wonderful job of wire wrapping them as well. These vary in style and look, but they are in my list of favorite things because I just love cabochons.

This tourmaline has a simple but beautiful wrap.  This is a wonderful stone which also happens to be the stone for the state of Maine.  This one is transparent with two black tourmaline crystals, but these stones can also be found if vivid colors or even multicolored.

This beautiful piece is custom made from sterling silver and then a faceted blue topaz gemstone is attached. These Star of David pieces are made upon receipt of an order from the customer.  The sizes of the stones can vary but this can also change the price.  But hey, who cares right, this is a piece that you will wear often, and absolutely will be handed down through the generations of your family.  It is well worth the dedication that John gives to his craft.

The picture agate to the left is simply stunning.  I love this particular type of agate cabochon because there are all sorts of things to see within the stone.  What do you see.  John has done a superb job with this stone with a simple drilled hole for the attachment to a chain of choice and the stone is completely the center of attention here as it well should be.

For today, I will end with one of my most favorite things, PURSES.  Yep, ladies, I just love purses and of course shoes.  But as I have grown older the idea of wearing some of the styles of shoes today just make me cringe in fear.  Years ago, I would never have given stiletto heels a second thought, but now, well, give me a comfortable pair of flats or better yet a could pair of flip flops.BUT, now a purse, that is a horse of a different color.  I love a good purse.  I am extremely picky however, so this one just tickles my fancy and maybe one day I will gather the courage to pull out my crochet hooks and give it a try, but for now Debbi at
YankeeBurrowCreations is its creator.  She did if from a pattern but hey, it is so beautiful and she has lined it with a gingham fabric to match.  What more could you want.  This clutch is a simply must have in any woman's collection.

Well, that's it for this week's theme of MY FAVORITE THINGS.  If you would like to see more of my favs, just take a stroll through Handmade Artists Shops and you will find loads and loads and loads of my favs and I bet you come away with a few of your own.

Take care, enjoy life and be blessed.


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