Monday, October 14, 2013

Lordy, Lordy I Wish I Could Do That

This week's theme is as you can see "I Wish I Could Do That".  Let me tell you, there are so many things in Handmade Artists that I wish I could do.  One of our friends on our forum there does some spectacular wire wrapping and has her own site.  Colette deserves to be showcased here along with other handmade artists because her work is so stunning.  Here are a couple of her pieces.

This wrap is perfectly done and I truly
wish I could do that.

And another show piece from Colette is

As I said before there are so many things that I wish I could do that really I can't possible show them all, you will just have to visit Handmade Artists and check them out for yourself.  Be sure to check the highlights on the site for grand selections of all the many products there.

Other examples are stitching, knitting, which this artist does so magnificently.  Sandi is the owner of the shop IKnitQuiltSew and she knits, sews, quilts and probably hundreds of other things that are too numerous to list here.  She makes these adorable dolls, some rag dolls and some really soft squishy beautiful dolls that would be the delight of any little girl.

This doll is completely handmade, the soft acrylic yarn of the hair is hand sewn in as are the bows which do not come untied, the eyes are handpainted and the mouth is done by embroidery.  Isn't she beautiful?

Another one of Sandi's items is this beautiful curly scarf.  I have tried to do these and it seems that it just is not possible to do them justice when you can only crochet passibly well.

Then of course there are the rocks.  I don't know of anyone who can take a rock and turn it into beauty the way that John of Rasmussengems can.  This picture agate is just one of many pieces that are to die for.

The next photo is of a beautiful moonstone that John has also wire wrapped to perfection.

So be sure to stop by all these shops and take a look at many other artists there who are also doing all sort of things that "I Wish I Could Do".

Take care, enjoy and be blessed.


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