Monday, June 10, 2013

Newest Endeavors

Hi there,
I have a few posts that need to be written today, but I think I will start with this one.  I have for the last few months been working on a new art.  Well it is certainly not a new art by any stretch of the imagination, but it is new for me.  I am always looking for new things to do and learn.  For now it is quilling, yeah right, been around for eons hasn't it.  Wonder why I just heard of it a few months ago.  I have been practicing and have started decorating my jewelry boxes with it as a treat for my buyers.  I have done a few cards here and there and in fact am working on one right now that should have already been in the mail.  Oh well, what can I say, I'm a bit, nah I won't say it.

Unfortunately I did not get photos of the boxes that I sent out or the cards that I gave but I did get a few photos and this is my newest listing on Handmade Artists.  I just love these.  I have few more in the works.  The quilling is actually the easy part. Take a look.

For this hair piece, the beads are wired through the quilled flower and onto the clip on the back which also has just a dab of glue there.  It is very sturdy.  It has been coated to make it more sturdy and also to enable it to withstand damp hair.  Now don't go running out into a Florida rain shower without your umbrella because I can't guarantee that it will make it through that but damp hair from your shower, yeah, it will be fine.

Here are just a few other pieces have made.  This first one is going to be finished off as a brooch. 

Of course this is not yet complete, it does not have its beads and oh yes the curls have been tightened up a bit to the flower to make it more sturdy.  I'll show you again when it is completely finished.

The next one is a little framed candle, I made one of these without the candle and did it reversible with a white side and put them together with a photo of my grandson for a birthday treat for my BFF.  I like it with the candle in it as well.

Now the next ones are just a couple of things I did to put on cards and managed to get a photo of them before I placed them on the card.  Right, the before but not the after.  Beautiful little flower and the butterfly sits right next to it on the card.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest endeavor and that you will give a little shout out that you like it or not.  I love doing this type of art and the more I do the better I get as you can easily see.  The order here is last one done to first one done so you can see there is a significant difference in the quality of the work.  I'll keep practicing, you just keep buying.  Deal!!  :)    Have a wonderful day.

Be blessed


Myeuropeantouch Fischer said...

Pam I love what you always try and make new, you go girl....♥ Monika

Pam Klimper said...

I tried quilling a while back-not my cup of tea!
You do beautiful work!

Mulchandmore said...

As a recipient of one of your beautiful boxes, would you like me to send you a picture? That red flower and the butterfly are my favorites of this display, but they are all lovely. Keep quilling, your ideas are fantastic.

Pam Andrews said...

That would be great. I was so sad to realize that I did not take photos of the boxes that have gone out. I just get so carried away when they are done and want them to go to the post office as quickly as possible. Thank you so much.