Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Let's Continue PEACE

This is week 2 of our blog ring.  I featured Colette last week and I would like to continue to feature her extremely talented and artistic wire wrapping skills.  But that is not all, you will also see 3 different highlights from Handmade Artists Highlights that speak to me of PEACE.  So let's get started.

This beautiful onyx bracelet does have some wire wrapping, however, it just says beauty to me.  Personally I can have no PEACE without beauty, so here it is

Love speaks of peace like nothing else I know and these delicious earrings just say LOVE.

Now be sure to click on the link for Colette here and take a look at all the luxurious pieces in her shop.

For our highlights this week I have chosen one new highlight that I created and 2 others that have been created by two of my very good friends.  Please take a look and see what you see. Let me know how these pieces make you feel.  I would love to hear your perception of handmade artisan products.

Unfortunately, for me.  My laptop does not afford me the ability to do what I would like here and that is to give you a screen shot of all the highlights that I have here.  So what I have done is to give you a link through the titles to each highlight and a few photos of products that you will find on the highlight.  My apologies for this lack of technology on my part.
AH HA, I figured out how to get a photo of the highlight here.  Use the link to take a up close and personal look and to select a specific item to view.
Soaring & Singing

Love, still the most important thing all over the world

My Soul Shall Sing

Enjoy the browsing.

Be blessed



Yankee Burrow Creations said...

all these highlights are so lovely.

Colette said...

Great feature Pam.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Lovely post Pam! I love Colette's jewelry!