Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second Week of Blog Ring Features

 Flip flops, don't they just say "ok, it is springtime, spruce up them feet, polish up those toenails and let's get out and enjoy the sunshine."

This is my second week's post for our first theme of our new blog ring.  :P.  Did that make any sense?  Well it will.  Our latest blog ring as you know just started last week and this time around we are running the same theme for 2 weeks.  The first week as you know was on The Kitchens, owners and artisans who created the Handmade Artists site.  They do a wonderful job and I could post many, many posts about how good they are at what they do and how everyone at the site just loves them, because we all do truly love them.  However, I decided for the second week of the theme, I would do three separate shops, none of which will be my own.  We could choose shops from anywhere.  I choose to stick with shops at Handmade Artists because that is basically where I live and breathe, so why not promote the people there, I say.  So without further a do here we go.  I hope you like the items I have chosen.

You will love these daffodil earrings from
The Rodeo Rose

And doesn't this bracelet from Bead Wizard 
just speak spring?

Now this is what I call Spring from Hartford Avenue Quilts
planting season right.  Well do it with one of these beautiful fabric pots. I just love these.

I hope that you have enjoyed these selections and that you will come over to the Handmade Artists site to take a look around for more lovely selections for sprucing up your spring time.


Debbie Rodgers said...

Love all the items you chose Pam. Just beautiful! Great post!!!!!
Have a nice evening!!!!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

love these items...that fabric pot bowl is great. :0)