Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Newest Feature is Colette

Our theme for this feature is PEACE and our artisan for the feature is the Collette Collection, Click on the link and you will find an amazing blue topaz. You will see a beautiful necklace.  This is amazing.  The wrap at the top of this pendant is delicious.

Collette has several places where you can find her amazing jewelry.  I will list them below, but at this particular site the pieces are stunning.

Like the one on the home page.  It is called Chantilly. This beauty was made by using beautiful grade AAA grade blue topaz and sterling silver.  Can't you just see this hanging around your neck?  I can. It is said that topaz promotes peace and calms the emotions as well as to soothe physical pain.

Here we have another piece called Celia. This amethyst is just to die for.  I love amethyst. Being a jewelry artisan myself and having done some wire wrapping, I can tell you that this is sheer perfection. Not one hiccup in this wire wrap. Now for the amethyst we are told that it helps to increase vivid dreams, relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity and spirituality.  It has also been know to help with addiction and stress.  Now that is what I call PEACE.

Shall I go on?  Oh yes, let's.  Here we have the Eclipse.  A wrapped focal using 12mm grade AA faceted smoky quartz and sterling silver along with some silver beads added for dimension.  It is a petite piece and hangs on a 16 in chain which is also sterling silver. And again we have a stone that promotes PEACE by its ability to aid in meditation and visualization.

This says it all and you will want to go see the amazing pieces on her website.  There is just not enough room here to show all of the products that my mouth was watering over. What's more, I had chosen the pieces that I wanted to share with you prior to even considering what the stones properties were so I think that is ultra amazing.

 The Second Portion of the Blog

 Now typically the second portion of the features are our own shops and I would love to show you some of the things that I have created, however, I want to be a tad different. I am going to try to showcase several of the other artists that I drool over.  How's that?

Well this piece reminds me of the song "Silver and Gold" on the movie Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer sung by Burl Ives.  This brings to me thoughts of Christmas which in turn showers peace over my soul, not because it reminds me of Rudolph, but because it is a reminder of the reason for the Christmas season which is of course Christ our Lord and personally, there is nothing more peaceful than these thoughts. This piece can be found at Handmade Artists Shop in the shop of Sterling by Dix.  Stop by and take a look around.

For another wonderful artist, I have chosen another Handmade Artist shop.  This one is by Soapmarked.  There are the most amazing scents offered here. Lavender being one of the most relaxing scents that I have ever used, this was the one I chose to showcase.

Now one more and again it is lavender but if spraying your linens or your room is more than you can handle and for some it is and I understand that, then you will want to try this for a lasting fragrance that is just a hint of scent leftover after your invigorating scrub.  Meet. the artists Norma of  Norma's Bath and Body.  First of all a sugar scrub is just downright heavenly and the scent of lavender again to me is just amazing.  Try it.

OK, that is it for me today.  You will want to definitely try out some of the links I have posted and be sure to go see Collette Collection here.

I'll be seeing you around the shop I hope, register and stop in the forum and say hello, you may find that you really like hanging out with us.

Be blessed


The Alchemist said...

Great post, those wire wrapped pendants are lovely.

Colette said...

Thank you for the great feature. I Love lavender too.

Dee Bibb said...

Super post! The showcased items are truly remarkable!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Wonderful post with really great items!

Sandi Levy said...

Nice collection of pieces!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

beautiful everything you shared, and I shared them too. :0)