Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Favorite Feature

Come on folks, get on over to YankeeBurrowCreations.  She has been adding lots of new things to her shop lately and I expect that will continue.  This creative artisan has some amazing items and you won't get bored looking through her shop.  She does a little bit of everything here. She has a little spot in NC that she calls home for herself, her best friend (hubby) her children and grandchildren and I know that she is looking forward to another grandchild within the next few months.  She raises, ducks, chickens and Lord knows what else in her spare time.  Right!  What spare time?  I tell you just talking with this artist makes me tired sometimes

Have you seen these yet?  Well you better hurry because I predict that these beautiful cards will not last long at all.  They are amazing and what's more they are from the actual drawings of Debbi's mother.  Simply amazing, worth getting for a keepsake.
But this is not all, YankeeBurrowCreations has been just a bit busy lately.  She has also created this beautiful cross.  Take a peek.

I love butterflies and it goes without saying that I love crosses, but this one, it is wonderful, I love the burgundy color with the textured look to it and with the addition of the butterflies, it just means hope and freedom to me.

For some other items you will find in her shop keep scrolling down the page.

Then of course there are all the other things that this gal can do.  Trust me when I say, there is nothing she cannot do, raise chickens, ducks, children, crochet, knit, quill, make jewelry. 

She even does amazing photography.

I wonder if she gives lessons.  I'm in awe.

You can find her at the following places, so no excuses, just GO!!

Be blessed


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

awwww shucks...y'all making me blush! lol
thank you dear friend.

Teresa R said...

fantastic post! She sure does keep busy1 Makes me tired just reading about it! :)

Debbie Rodgers said...

Wonderful post Pam! Lots of pretty items!