Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T.Rusk4U - Featured Artists of the Week

This week the Handmade Artist is Teresa of T.Rusk4U.  You can always find beautiful things in Teresa's shop.  I am going to show you a few, but first

let's see who Teresa is shall we.  Well first of all she is an amazing artist of handcrafted jewelry. Teresa began like most all of us she has been crafting for a long time, as she says, "for as long as I can remember".  She began her journey by sewing, again as many of us did.  I, myself began with crochet, moved to sewing and on and on and on.  But back to Teresa.  She has a passion for handmade art.  She soon discovered the creation of her own jewelry and was hooked, she loves all aspects of this particular craft and has some amazingly beautiful pieces.  I have shown a few of my favs below.  But she did not stop there, nope not Teresa.

She was so passionate about handmade art that she opened her own B&M (Brick and Mortar) store in Mebane, NC for handmade artists in her area.  If you are in her area or passing through, stop in, it is one of those places that you just must see.  She has beautiful things in her shop there and the area is a beautiful place to see as well.

I just love these adorable hair clips for little girls, made from gross-grain ribbon and adornments of various styles.  This one just says "sunshine".

And here you will see her passion for jewelry showing through.  This is a fantastic wire-wrapped ring created using copper wire and Italian Onyx.  Can't wait to order one can you? She has many different variations of this particular ring.
Now this one is just a beauty.  I love the way that Teresa has wrapped these Green Jasper beads.  She has also created her own chain links to put this together, it is called the figure 8 link.  This one is long enough to just slip over your head.  I like that.  I tend to fumble with clasp so this is just my style and those beads, can you say AWWWWWWWesome.

Another beautiful piece is one Teresa calls Southern Seas.  It is a very calming piece. I am for some reason simply drawn to these colors.  This casual set will make choosing a piece for a nice spring day out at a picnic a 'no-brainer'. 

This is the shop you will find in Mebane, NC where you will see many more of Teresa's jewelry pieces as well as other pieces of handmade art that she has created.  Check her out when you are there.  Tell her Pam sent you, she will love to show you around her shop.

The following links are all the places that you can see pieces that Teresa has created and well as learn more about this amazing artist that I am proud to call my friend.

So sit down with a cup of coffee and a danish or something and prepare to be amazed.

Be blessed


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

that ring is aaaaawesome!

Teresa R said...

Wow, thanks a million for the amazing post! Your kind words are appreciated!

The Alchemist said...

Those barrettes are so cute, makes me wish I knew someone to buy them for. A very nice post, about a terrific artist and lady.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Great post Pam. I love Teresa's Jewelry!