Monday, April 1, 2013

My Unusual Easter Sunday

Today began as any other, nearly.  I got up and said "howdy and thank you" to my Lord.  Then I realized that my whole house was out of sorts.  I had a splitting headache, as did my daughter and my grandson, well let's just say he woke up on the wrong end of the bed today too.

But we are nothing if not persistent.  So we had breakfast, did a few things around the house, cooked a couple things for an Easter dinner we were attending at a friends home and took off for there.  The afternoon only got worse before it got better however.  It seemed that everyone was out of sorts and everyone wanted to take it out on my poor little grandson who just simply did not understand what he might be doing wrong.

It came to a bit of a head at the dinner table when he was being forced to eat some mashed potatoes that he did not want.  He did not like them.  You see, I put a bit of mayonnaise in mine and my friends does not.  But she also offered a dish that is his favorite, mashed sweet potatoes.  Bless his heart, he was told that he could not have more of his favorite until he ate the ones he did not want.  Well he was having none of that.

Finally, he just looked up and at everyone at the table and said "You can't tell me how to eat. I know how to eat."  I just stared at him and normally would have reprimanded him for being so impertinent to adults, but realized that we were being totally unfair.  No one else had mashed potatoes, no wonder he did not want to eat them, no one else was so why should he.  My friend had made just a bit of them because she knew that he liked them, what she did not know was that he prefers sweet potatoes. 

To compromise, I said, "Jaeden, take one more bite of the mashed and then I will give you more sweet potatoes."  He did and I did and he ate two more helpings of sweet potatoes.  I looked at my daughter and my friend and said, "what?" "He likes them better, and hey, they are actually better for him, so sue me."

After that, things seemed to improve, he played, hunted a few eggs my daughter hid for him and played in the hammock in the front yard which he absolutely loves.  He was happy, I was happy and so was everyone else by evenings end and we had defeated the devil.  He did not win, he did not take our joy away in our time together and though we had a few tough moments it was a lesson that we must all persist and push through to get to where we should be.  And everyone should realize, children are people too and they have likes and dislikes just as we do.  We must always "be what we want them to become".  If we want them to be fair, then we must be also, if we want them to understand a situation, then we must look at the situation and understand it as well.

I did talk to him about the way he had spoken to the adults at the table and let him know that it was not appropriate to do that, however, that being said, I did understand what he was trying to let us know and that he should always try to find a way to let me or his mom know how he feels.  His response to me was this.

"Mimi, I love you and God loves you and He understands that we don't always know exactly what to do, so if He can forgive us, then I forgive you too."

I cried, I laughed and I hugged and loved my 'little man' and know that the Lord blessed me today on this day we celebrate His resurrection.  For this I am thankful.

Be blessed

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