Sunday, April 7, 2013

I See Trouble

Yep, I think I am in trouble.  I am normally such an organized person and for over 40 years of working in various administrative positions from entry level to executive level, project management to real estate and property management, I have always been a bit OCD about organization.  So what happened?  I just don't have a clue.  I have always had my jewelry and quilling and crochet supplies organized as well, but the last month or so, it seems to have fallen in to the wastebasket.

Let me just show you.  Here is a photo of how I work, so that I can move around the house and sit anywhere and work.  Actually this is a photo of the tray for a project I am about to begin for a custom order that I need to get out.

And the next couple of photos are of my little studio area that is in one side of my bedroom. I wish I could have thought to do a zoom of this so you could see exactly how messed up this is.  However, you can see that little space in the center.  Yep, that is where I work when I am in there in the afternoon when I am not homeschooling my grandson.

Yeah, I know, really messed up. I just
have to laugh. 

Well see what happened was, I had everything organized. I have these books with individual trays for beads that hold several different groups of beads, you can see that on the tray in the first picture.  Well each book holds 8 of these trays and I had all my seed beads in one book and swarovski crystals in another and then I have Czech beads, other glass beads, twin beads and Tila beads in another one.  Then there are all those little boxes you see stacked up.  Yep, some of those are various stones and beads that I pick up along the way that don't really fit into the books of categories.  But then there are all these little trays that came from an organizer that a friend gave me that came from the hardware store.  They hold clasps and findings that don't fit into one of the stackable storage boxes.

But then about a month ago, I came into a huge stash of beads that had been 'damaged out' at a local craft store for one reason or another.  Perhaps they had just been opened and nothing was missing but they don't sell them after that or it was missing a bead or a pendant or some such nonsense.  Anyway, I was really really happy to get all those things.  Just one itty bitty problem,  I don't have enough storage.  Well I did go buy 3 more stackable storage boxes which you can see in the photo directly above next to the recipe box with all those delightful stickers to show the various cultures of the recipes that will go inside. Now you say, "it looks like the boxes are empty.  Yep,some are.  What I found out and is begun in the top box, is that I needed more storage for finished pieces that I store this way to take to shows and to the area markets to show off or sell.

So I guess I have done all this and shown off my really bad side here to do this.  HELP!!!!!!

Got any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section.  Keep in mind that in a couple months I am going to have to move, so storage that can easily be packed, moved and then unpacked successfully would be a good thing.  All suggestions are welcome.  Got to get this under control.  I can't work like this and now because of this I am taking over the dining room table which is where I do the lesson planning and school work with my grandson, so he is feeling a bit squeezed right now.  So to alleviate his stress, we have been having some classes outside walking around, but there has to be some organization for him as well because he does not work well in clutter of any kind.  Being ADHD, he needs order to his surroundings, it really does help.

OK, that's it for now.  Looking forward to some suggestions.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Be blessed


Debbie Rodgers said...

Hi Pam, I use tool boxes with drawers for my beads. They are sold for screws and tool in hardware stores.They are really easy to get in and out of and keep your beads organized. I have always had trouble with the ones in the picture beacause its so hard to get your beads out of. I also use a tray with one of those soft square tings that keep the beads from slipping around. This way I can keep my beads from slipping around so much. Hope this helps. It's hard to always be organized. I have to keep re-organizing. My shop is always a mess. I clean it up and walla there it goes again lol.

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

I agree with Debbie...for my beads, when I want to move out of the studio, I have this great took box with drawers, and a handle on top. You can find great storage items in your crafts stores, but then go to a hardware store where you can find almost the same stuff for less money.
oh, and what happened? home school. hahaha

Pam Andrews said...

Yes, I do have those. One has a handle on top and the other does not. Little trays that slide in and out. Got it, but it just is not enough space in it to tidy me up.