Saturday, March 16, 2013

Handmade and Its Creators

Today, I want to tell you about HANDMADE and of course the artisans who create.  I will not be telling you 'how to' anything, nor will I tell you that we raise our own sheep, shear them, create our own wool and weave it into yarn or material.

What I want you to see is some of the work that is created by some really wonderful people and give you a chance to look for yourself at the many beautiful things you will miss in your life if you choose to purchase from the big box stores just because it may be cheaper.

Why do we create handmade.  Well simply put, we can't help it.  It is who we are, it is in our spirits and in everything we see around us.  How else can you explain someone who can take a little pile of beads and some thread and turn it into this by Wyndwalkercreations.

Then you have the artisans who look at a rock. Yes, a simple little rock and imagine how amazing it will look when they have finished their handiwork.  For instance, the lapidary artists at Rasmussengems comes up with beautiful creations such as this beautiful fire opal hand cut in his lapidary shop with a self designed stone to minimize blocking the appearance of the stone.

Then we come to those who take a little pile of tiny, tiny beads and some thread and the end result is to me a beauty in beads like this from my shop A Bead Thing. A beautiful red ruby swarovski crystal and seed bead bracelet.

Then of course there are all the creations that have nothing to do at all with beads, wire or stones.  Some of these artists are my greatest heroes.  Their talent is simply inspiring.

Take for example this wonderful T-Rex scarf designed and created by FabricofmyMind.

Isn't this just awesome. This was made as a gift for a family member and then so many people were simply awestruck by the talent that she made another for her shop.

Or you can find teddy bears at the wonderful shop of my friend Debbi at YankeeBurrowCreations.  I just love these teddy bears.

Now you know of course that this is simply not everything.  I could never show you even one item from all the wonderful artisans that you can find at the Handmade Artists site.  There are literally hundreds of creative designs located there.  You just must go take a look around.  You will find all that you could possibly need somewhere and from someone on this site.

Take care and enjoy your shopping spree.

Be Blessed

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Yankee Burrow Creations said...

awww, thank you...and you're right, I for one can not NOT create. :0) you shared some wonderful my handmade family.