Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Create or Rest

I think this is an age old question.  When that stupendous idea hits you and it is late in the evening, what do you do?  Stay up and start the process or go to bed?  It is a difficult situation, especially if you have little ones running around the house very early in the am.  They want their breakfast, need to get to school, errands have to be run.  How do we manage?

I think most of us run on a half empty tank much of the time.  There are so many things that pull in so many different directions. As for myself, since I am a bit older and the 'experts' say that as we age we don't need as much sleep anymore.  That seems to be true for me anyway.  I am generally up late in the evening, til the wee hours of the morning and that is when I get things done. Besides, what is that saying "you can sleep when you are dead" .  Well I am not planning on that anytime soon but this is when my creativity flows or tries to.  That is the time that the house is quiet and still and nothing but the occasional noise from the guinea pigs can be heard.  It is peaceful and I can research my thoughts for designs or any techniques that I may need a bit of refreshing on, all without a single interruption.

So tell me, how do you handle the question, Create or Rest? How is your time divided between your creativity and your family or the daily requirements of your life.

Let me hear from you.  Inspire me.

Thanks for reading.

Be Blessed


Debbie Rodgers said...

Oh Pam, Can I relate to this post. I am older too and I just went thru another period of time of not being able to sleep. I have so many ideas and thoughts go thru my mind that I can't sleep. I was getting a little to exhausted. So I had to stop all coffee for a while. But if your creativity flows at night maybe just flow with that. Great article Pam!

Karen and Dakota said...

I have learned that I need to make time for exercise. So now I get up early and get some work down go to the Y and come home do some house work then back to work. The problem I have is getting my work organized.

Teresa Rusk said...

I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to work on something, but that is rare. By the time I get home most days, I am so tired. I will work on things a bit in the evening, but then I must give my mind a chance to unwind so I can sleep. Besides, if I try to work on something when I am tired, I end up making stupid mistakes.

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

that is a difficult balance. I have myself on a scheduale. Since I get up early to get the kids off to school, I start my day with my bible, then my to-do list. Exercise, then my computer work. I turn my computer off at noon (whether I'm done or not) and then work in my studio until the kids get home. then dinner and family time. after everyone goes back to bed, I'm back on-line. Of course, that's only my plan and it rarely works out this way. lol

Mixed Kreations said...

I don't have to worry about kids, mine are grown (sometimes I wonder though) and have little ones of their own. My problem is that I have screwed up hours. I have to be in bed by 6 p.m. To get my 7 hours of sleep. Good news is that I am home by 1:15. Then I try to squeeze in as much as I can before 6. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my mind to shut down so I can sleep, if I get an idea in my head I get up and sketch it on paper or I will be thinking of it all night and never get any sleep. On my days off I try to sleep in but I'm usually up by 4 a.m. So I can work on my jewelry then while hubby is sleeping.