Friday, February 22, 2013

Wyndwalker Creations

This week let me introduce you to a friend that I have never met.  Karen of Wyndwalker Creations.  I have to tell you that Karen and her husband have some amazing work.  They love doing custom work because it allows them to create a special piece just for you.  There is really no end to the talent of this couple.  They work with antler, bone, leather, beads, you name it they will do it or they will give it a try and trust me when I say that if they try, they will succeed. 

I am only going to show you a couple of the pieces of the shop.  Why?  Because you are just going to have to go take a look.  I won't give it all away.

Karen loves to weave as well.  She uses the inkle loom and the tri loom.  Believe me  I say, I am talented but I looked up these looms as I had been thinking of beginning the learning process for weaving.  Well suffice it to say that I will not be trying this anytime soon.  This would be a whole new learning curve for me and I think I will leave it to the pros like Karen of Wyndwalker Creations who can be found at Handmade Artists Shops

A beautiful trinket box.  Each and every bead is hand sewn to this little beauty.  Amazing talent does not begin to describe this piece.

This beautiful butterfly can be worn as a choker or a longer necklace.  I am just in awe of this piece.

Doesn't this make you want to go take a better look.  Don't forget that if you see something and you want a different color, just let them know and they will happy to work with your own ideas.  How great is that?

Thanks for taking a look and come back soon for more ideas, works and artists.

Be Blessed


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

that beaded box is sooo AWESOME!!

Finding Charm said...

That butterfly necklace is out of this world! Wow!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Really nice post Pam!

The Alchemist said...

Fabulous post for some fabulous people! That butterfly is fascinating! Great choices.

Karen and Dakota said...

Pam Thank you for the lovely post. When I first saw inkle weaving I feel in love with it and purchased a book on the subject. This book had the plans to build a loom and I went to work building one with a little help from my husband. I tought myself how to weave with a little help from some other weavers I met at some of the historical event we did. I have used that loom for many years and still use it. I would be glad to help you learn to weave.

April Grinaway said...

Hi there,
I picked that trinket box in my feature post on my blog too. I just love the detail and colors. It's quite beautiful.

Teresa R said...

Of course I want to look! And BUY! :) Fantastic article and equally fantastic stuff!