Friday, February 22, 2013

Wyndwalker Creations

This week let me introduce you to a friend that I have never met.  Karen of Wyndwalker Creations.  I have to tell you that Karen and her husband have some amazing work.  They love doing custom work because it allows them to create a special piece just for you.  There is really no end to the talent of this couple.  They work with antler, bone, leather, beads, you name it they will do it or they will give it a try and trust me when I say that if they try, they will succeed. 

I am only going to show you a couple of the pieces of the shop.  Why?  Because you are just going to have to go take a look.  I won't give it all away.

Karen loves to weave as well.  She uses the inkle loom and the tri loom.  Believe me  I say, I am talented but I looked up these looms as I had been thinking of beginning the learning process for weaving.  Well suffice it to say that I will not be trying this anytime soon.  This would be a whole new learning curve for me and I think I will leave it to the pros like Karen of Wyndwalker Creations who can be found at Handmade Artists Shops

A beautiful trinket box.  Each and every bead is hand sewn to this little beauty.  Amazing talent does not begin to describe this piece.

This beautiful butterfly can be worn as a choker or a longer necklace.  I am just in awe of this piece.

Doesn't this make you want to go take a better look.  Don't forget that if you see something and you want a different color, just let them know and they will happy to work with your own ideas.  How great is that?

Thanks for taking a look and come back soon for more ideas, works and artists.

Be Blessed

Sunday, February 10, 2013


This weeks feature is our lovely ThunderRoseLeather.  There you will find many difficult choices for your purchase,  Me, I would love to have one of each.

Living in near Sedona, Arizona, this couple is Debbie and John.  This couple has been working in beads and leather for over 20 years.  Trust me that many years gives you a definite edge on your art.  If you would venture out and take a look at the items in their shop you will find beautiful handmade, beaded leather bags and other items.You will find handbags, shoulder bags, neck bags, knife sheaths and even baby moccasins.
The selection of functional art is so great that it will be very difficult to make your choice.

Debbie and John will even lend their creativity and expertise to your own idea.  So if you have an idea of something you would like to have, by all means get in touch with them and discuss it.  They will work with you on your idea and come up with a piece that you will keep and use for many many years and your friends will be asking, "oh my, where in the world did you find such a beauty?"

They are  also genuinely nice people and are an integral part of the Handmade Artists community.  They join in on the Handmade Artists Forum offering their invaluable advice to newbies on marketing and promotion as well as just our everyday discussions about what goes on in our lives where we all become fast friends.

Here are a few selections from their shop that should give you all the reason you need to go to their shop and take a look around.  You will be oh so happy that you did.

This beautiful elkskin bag is adorned with glass crow beads (lapis) and has a beaded dragonfly on the front.  It has inside and outside pocket.  Soft and beautiful with a lovely long fringe.

Do you happen to play the flute?  Well you will definitely want one of these.  This is one of my favorites even though I do not play the flute, I just think it is gorgeous.  One of my favorite birds is featured here, the hummingbird in glass seed beads.

Are these not just the most adorable little moccasins you have ever seen.  If I had a newborn around, I would certainly be ordering these.  When my children were born many years ago, the pediatrician recommended to me that rather than buying the expensive 'stride rite' shoes with the hard bottoms for them to wear, to let them go barefoot and when outside simply put moccasins on them.  Wish I had known John and Debbie back then.

All items are made to order, so when you visit their shop, find something that you like, place your order and the item will then be made specifically for you.  If you would like it in a different color or perhaps even with a different decoration, just let them know, they are happy to work with you.

You can find THUNDERROSELEATHER at the following links.  Take a look around and be sure to leave them a comment and let them know you were there.

Have a blessed day.