Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the old and in with the new is something that I have heard said repeatedly over the years at the beginning of the  New Year.  For many this is a true statement as they discard the old and welcome new things in their lives.Here I am going to tell you about what it is that I will be keeping from 2012.  Much of the rest is debatable.

I learned many new techniques for my jewelry, new patterns for my crochet and one of the most important things that took place in 2012 is that I began to homeschool my wonderful 5 year old grandson.

There are other things that I don't want to put away with the old year either.  These are the wonderful friends that I made in 2012.  Friends that I love dearly. Even though I have never met these folks, I count them as friends because they have always been there with their loving support, never ending assistance when I needed help and wonderful advice when I asked.

Debbi offers me wonderfully sound advice on how to help my grandson when I am in a quandary because she is a wonderful foster mother and has had many varied experiences through this work.  She has given me resource information for lesson plans and instructional materials for my grandson as well as to encourage me in other sometimes frenzied areas of my life.

Then there is Monika, a wonderful friend with a beautiful spirit who has told us of many of her German traditions of the holidays.  Some of her traditions were similar to things that we did in my family long ago, but as often happens, people and things change for one reason or another and traditions become lost or new ones created. She is also a truly funny person, giving us all a little something to smile about each and every day.

Sandi and Larissa, two wonderfully talented friends also are many times the voice of reason when I need it.  They have many times cut through the debris of an issue for a critique that I may have overlooked or not even thought of, but always sound.  They too offer humor and a lighthearted way of looking at the world about us.  Larissa is one of the most creative and talented artisans that I have had the privilege with which to become acquainted.

Kris and Nancy, wonderful friends who through their love of art have given me insights into some of the passion that I have allowed to simmer under the burden of everyday life.  Inciting me to think about what is important and to consider acting on those things which I love rather than lay them to the side just to complete the more mundane.

Then there is Lisa and Alix, two wonderfully talented artists who give daily of their talent to help others understand and grow in their own area by their advice and knowledge of the various mediums in which we all work.

And of course there is Andrew and Kimberly.  These two are the creators and host of the most wonderful site I have found anywhere on the Internet, the Handmade Artists Shops & Forum.  This site is where I have met all of these wonderful friends and learned so many things.  Andrew and Kimberly are always there to offer support, care, advice and help when needed.  I often wonder when they ever get to sleep.  They have two beautiful young boys  that are the center of their world and yet they still find the time to always be there for all the folks on the site whenever needed no matter when or for what purpose.  They are also artists in their own right.  Kimberly creates some beautiful painted glass and they also both create wonderful chainmaille jewelry. But first and foremost is their desire to promote handmade work of any kind.  They believe that handmade is better and that handmade artists should be recognized and given a special place to belong, to show their work, share their ideas and offer themselves to that end.

This list of friends is by no means complete, but as I said, I could not possibly list everyone here.  I don't generally make resolutions because I feel that to resolve to do something usually is just a way to NOT get it done, however, I would like to make a goal.

My goal for 2013 is to try to figure out a way to meet some of these wonderful friends in person, to give them a big hug and thank them for their friendship and encouragement.  Though it seems impossible to me at this time that I will ever get to New York, Utah, New Mexico, Washington or any of the other places my friends reside, I do happen to know that through God, all things are possible.  I know that He led me to the site where I met these friends and I know that He will lead me on.

Thank you to all these friends and the many others that are not listed here individually.  Know that you are dear to my heart and I look forward to the New Year with you all.



The Alchemist said...

What lovely and heart felt post. Happy New year to you, may it joyful and prosperous.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Really awesome post Pam!

Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

You thoughts are just too Kind. Nice to have family all over the country. Thanks for the love Pam! Shared :D

lisianblue Kris said...

Aw Pam, what a sweet post. wow - If I have inspired those feelings - then you know I'm so glad!! It's so easy to fall into doing the simpler, faster, mundane things or trying to come up with something that will sell instead of following our heart! What is in your heart, will be in others! And I need to do more of that myself!
Have a wonderful healthy and happy 2013!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

awww....you're making me cry! I love this place too, and the amazing and wonderful artits / friends.

Finding Charm said...

Very endearing

Larissa said...

Oh, thank you so much!