Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten Day You Challenge - 5 Foods

Yep, catching up with myself here.  This one is for my 5 Foods.  Oh my gosh, just 5, come on now.  I am a 'foodie'.  I am just plain not sure I could list just 5.

Sorry, folks, started this a couple days ago and got majorly waylaid.  Anyway back now.

So Five Foods.

1. CHOCOLATE.  Has to be number one.  Isn't it everyone's?
2. Steak - medium rare (more to the rare). actually don't mind it bleeding if it is good cut of meat.
3. Chili - I love a good pot of chili and I make really really good chili.
4. Corn on the Cob = yep nothing better than a really good ear of corn slathered in butter. (you know it has to run down your arms. :) )
5. Banana Split Ice Cream by Blue Bell.  Nothing better in this world to me except of course #1.  This company makes the absolute best, real banana slices, nuts, pineapple and cherry pieces, chocolate fudge syrup.  YUMMO.

There may be something that just has not come to the front of my brain that may beat out something hear, but that truly does not seem possible.  Those five foods are a staple of the down home southern raised, corn fed girl.   Oh, yes,n of course there has to be potatoes and rice in there somewhere too.  Heck yeah.

Now what are your 5 foods.

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Yankee Burrow Creations said...

wow, we love ice cream, and I will definetly have to try your favorite!