Monday, October 15, 2012

This week was my 8 Fears

My oh my, I totally forgot to do this on Thursday October 11. This is the 10 Day you Challenge by and this is supposed to by My 8 fears.

I am not totally sure that there are 8 things that cause fear in me. I am typically not scared of many things at all. I have had people say of me "Her, she ain't scare of the devil".

1. Being out of control
2. Things (people or animals) jumping out at me. Not afraid of them, but the suddenness is terrifying.
3. Something happening to my grandson (my heart and my life)
4. Completely losing my eyesight
5. Being a passenger in an automobile (terrified of other peoples driving, relates to not being in control).
6. I never sit with my back to a door (restaurant, bar) nervousness or fear not sure which.
7. and 8 will have to be left blank. I simply can not think of anything else that I am afraid of.

I had to have my daughter help me with this list and she knows me better than anyone I know and she could not think of anything else either.

If you know me and you think I am scare of something not listed here, by all means leave a comment and let me know what you think that might be.

Have a great day.

May God Bless You


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Yankee Burrow Creations said...

love this, but you would hate coming to my house. I have no control at all, so we are loud and bouisterous (sp?). plus Chuck just loves to hide and jump out at people. keeps my heart going. hahaha. I totally agree with you about your grandson...