Monday, October 22, 2012

The Continuing Saga of the 10 Day You Challenge

Yep, I forgot again.  Thursday is the day we are generally supposed to post this blog but, somehow, Thursday doesn't happen in my house very much.  I also missed the HAF Chat last Thursday, which pains me to no end, as I enjoy it soooo very much.

Anyway back to the topic at hand in the 10 Day You Challenge from Blog Love Therapy.  This is supposed to be about my 7 wants.  WOW!  Does anyone on earth have just 7?  Can anyone narrow it down to 7.  If you can then you are a much better person than I.  I will try and for the most part, I will try to list these in order of importance.  Yeah right!!!!

1. I want to talk to my son, for him to know how very much I love him and miss him.
2.  I want to live long enough to see my beautiful, wonderful, loving, intelligent, funny, grandson grow up to be a man.
3.  I want my daughter to realize her dreams and the dreams I have always had for her.
4. I want our government to stop making choices for me. They don't even know me, how dare they decide what is best for me and the rest of the poor people in this country.  They have so much money they could never understand the life I live.
5.  I want my jewelry to be seen by those who would love it as much as I do and buy it so that it will help to support me and my daughter and grandson.
6.  I want my brother and my sisters to understand me for who I am and what I believe and stop judging me based on their standards.
8. I want everyone in this world to live in peace, (This is not necessarily in order of importance, as this is extremely important).  I know in my heart and mind that we can not and never will be able to do so because of the seeds of evil planted in us before we were ever born, but God gave us Free Will, we CAN and SHOULD choose to be better.

and ok I could not keep it to 7 so shoot me.

8.  I want to be able to meet my own needs without so much stress and having to ask others for help.

It's your turn now.  Let's see if you can keep it to 7.

May God or whomever you believe to be in charge of this life to bless you beyond measure.

Love to all of you.



Jeanne said...

Wow...wonderful wants...

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

great wants...
and you don't have to do this on Thursdays...I do mine on mondays.
and as long as God is pleased with you, AND HE IS, it doesn't really matter what others, even family, thinks.
I personally think you're wonderful. :0)

Robin said...

Such wonderful wants, even if there are 8 :) You deserve each and every one of them!

I just posted my wants!