Monday, October 8, 2012

Featured Artist of the Week

This weeks featured artist is  Yankee Burrow Creations.

You will absolutely want to visit her shop.  She has delightful pieces of handcrafted jewelry, crochet items, bedspreads, artwork.  Oh my just too much to list right here.  Take a look for yourself, here are just a few.

A black beaded necklace.  You will want to see her shop so that you can get a better view of this item.  It is gorgeous.

This chocolate brown choker is another.  It has graduated size beads and it just delicious.
But she does not stop there, oh no, you just wait.

This light green quilled cross is to die for.  I love the colors and that flower is amazing.  I could go on and on and on about her work with jewelry and artwork individually.  However, you will definitely want to see her shop because she has something for every room in your home and if she does not have what you are looking for in her listed inventory, just get in touch with her.  No problem, she can handle it.

Not to mention that she is a fabulous author.  Check out Yankee Burrow Creations Website. Debbi is the younger of 10 kids.  Can you imagine having 9 siblings. Not me. But she was raised by a free spirit mom who loved art and her family and she made sure that her children spent time visiting art shows and festivals.  This provided her with a zillion memories and the desire to continue to provide some artistic value to the world which she does splendidly.

Now she works her art in others ways as well.  I won't tell you too much here but when you visit her website, be sure to click on the little button at top entitled 'storyline'.  There you will find another wonderful side to this beautiful artisan. Captivating. I anxiously await another in her series.

She of course has a shop on Handmade Artists Shops and participates in the forum and the chats with lovingly given advice and responses to queries of other artists who may have an issue that needs to be resolved.  She is always available with a kind word or an uplifting thought for any who need it.

Be sure to check out these as well.


Have a nice look around.

Be Blessed.


Sandi Levy said...

Very nice post about a wonderful person and artist!

John Rasmussen said...

I have found many very beautiful items in her shop. This would be an ideal place to shop for presents for the upcoming holidays.

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

awwww thank you! you're making me blush ;~)

Debbie Rodgers said...

Awesome post Pam! Debbie has alot of cool items. Love your picks!

Alchemists Vessel said...

What a great post Pam, very in depth and nicely done. The gals have some really lovely items.

TamsJewelry said...

I love their shop!

April Grinaway said...

Great post and great shop!

April Grinaway said...

It's a great shop ~