Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Featured Artists - BrooklynBeadGoddess

Brooklyn Bead Goddess

The photo below is a compilation of her work that she has chosen to use as her cover photo for her Facebook page.  

This artists shows a creativity that many only see in the art form.  She is dedicated to her art and finds that being born and raised in Brooklyn gives her an edge above other artists designs.  The pieces that she creates are first of all designed to make a statement.  When you wear one of her pieces of jewelry, others will notice and you will certainly get that "where did you get that" look or comment.  She calls her work "wearable art" which is so true.

You will never find anything like this work in any store, unless of course she decides to sell to commercial outlets of some sort, but handcrafted artists tend to stick to handcrafted venues because they cater to the artist.  I am posting a few photos of the work that I am most drawn to.  Take a look and absolute go to her shop at  Handmade Artists where you will find so many creations that are just unbelievable.  Believe it, buy it, wear it, you won't regret these purchases as you will be truly wearing a "Work Of Art".

Enjoy the photos of her work below.

Like I said. "work of art".  You can also find this artists at the following locations, follow her work if you please to see some stunning pieces.


Increase Sales or Lower Product Value

I was approached a few days ago by a fellow artisan on Facebook who had liked my page.  Now I just jotted her a note to say hello and thank you.  I have seen this person on my Facebook many times 'liking' and 'sharing' my posts or those of others for whom I have shared, many from the Handmade Artists Shops.  So we got to 'chatting' and I discovered she is a "starving artist" just like myself.  Not so odd, many of us are, but as we were talking about the difficulties of getting our beautiful pieces of work seen and more to the point, bought, she indicated that she had begun to see a few sales and that her sales had come due to a suggestion from a friend.

Now here goes the crux of the issue.  She suggested that I sell kits for my pieces of jewelry with instructions for the creation of them.  Now I asked myself, do I really want to do that?  Here is the thing.

We all tweet, post onFacebook, Pinterest and anywhere we can find to show our wares.  Most of the people who see it are other handcrafting artisans or whatever the medium may be.  Why you say?  Because they are looking for inspiration or are they? So if you are sharing your photos and information to places that for the most part other handmade creators are, then are we asking for out items to be copied, because other handmade artists are not likely to buy our product if they make similar items, right?  Right.  I thought you would agree.

To combat this a possibility is to sell kits for our products and that may definitely drive our sales upwards, but what about the pieces we so lovingly create that are still sitting waiting to be purchased.  Does that leave us with only local craft fairs to sell our goods?  Will this lower the value of our own products?  I think that it may be harder to sell our own items and therefore force us to reduce the prices, but will it? Can we possibly require that the person who might buy the kit, place some identifier on it that shows to all that it is an original design by ?????.  Will they do that?  Not always, rarely I think.

Now some of my pieces are easy peezee, it would not take a rocket scientist to look at them and figure out how they are made, those are the simple things.  But bead weaving for instance, yea, not so much.  It is a bit more difficult to look at and figure out how and where to take your thread and through which bead to make it look the way it does or when to flip it over to get the effect you want or when, if you flip it over you will create a mess for yourself that you have to pull out and start over.

I know a lot of artisans do sell kits for their lower end pieces and I may. Jury is still out on this one.  Could I use the additional sales, absolutely, do I want to get them that way?  I am just not sure.  One good thing about it would be that it would clear out my stash and afford me the opportunity to buy more, better perhaps and/or venture into something more, like metalsmithing, or actual bead looming, or lampwork, all of which I am dying to try out.  This could provide the funds for the required tools such as kilns, glass rods, looms, etc.

Like I said, the jury is still out for me, but I wanted to put this out there as a thought for those who may be struggling and really need to do something a bit different.  This could be the way.  It could stop people from actually stealing your ideas, then you could say, "yes, I sold them the kit that got them started."

What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Continuing Saga of the 10 Day You Challenge

Yep, I forgot again.  Thursday is the day we are generally supposed to post this blog but, somehow, Thursday doesn't happen in my house very much.  I also missed the HAF Chat last Thursday, which pains me to no end, as I enjoy it soooo very much.

Anyway back to the topic at hand in the 10 Day You Challenge from Blog Love Therapy.  This is supposed to be about my 7 wants.  WOW!  Does anyone on earth have just 7?  Can anyone narrow it down to 7.  If you can then you are a much better person than I.  I will try and for the most part, I will try to list these in order of importance.  Yeah right!!!!

1. I want to talk to my son, for him to know how very much I love him and miss him.
2.  I want to live long enough to see my beautiful, wonderful, loving, intelligent, funny, grandson grow up to be a man.
3.  I want my daughter to realize her dreams and the dreams I have always had for her.
4. I want our government to stop making choices for me. They don't even know me, how dare they decide what is best for me and the rest of the poor people in this country.  They have so much money they could never understand the life I live.
5.  I want my jewelry to be seen by those who would love it as much as I do and buy it so that it will help to support me and my daughter and grandson.
6.  I want my brother and my sisters to understand me for who I am and what I believe and stop judging me based on their standards.
8. I want everyone in this world to live in peace, (This is not necessarily in order of importance, as this is extremely important).  I know in my heart and mind that we can not and never will be able to do so because of the seeds of evil planted in us before we were ever born, but God gave us Free Will, we CAN and SHOULD choose to be better.

and ok I could not keep it to 7 so shoot me.

8.  I want to be able to meet my own needs without so much stress and having to ask others for help.

It's your turn now.  Let's see if you can keep it to 7.

May God or whomever you believe to be in charge of this life to bless you beyond measure.

Love to all of you.


Monday, October 15, 2012

This week was my 8 Fears

My oh my, I totally forgot to do this on Thursday October 11. This is the 10 Day you Challenge by and this is supposed to by My 8 fears.

I am not totally sure that there are 8 things that cause fear in me. I am typically not scared of many things at all. I have had people say of me "Her, she ain't scare of the devil".

1. Being out of control
2. Things (people or animals) jumping out at me. Not afraid of them, but the suddenness is terrifying.
3. Something happening to my grandson (my heart and my life)
4. Completely losing my eyesight
5. Being a passenger in an automobile (terrified of other peoples driving, relates to not being in control).
6. I never sit with my back to a door (restaurant, bar) nervousness or fear not sure which.
7. and 8 will have to be left blank. I simply can not think of anything else that I am afraid of.

I had to have my daughter help me with this list and she knows me better than anyone I know and she could not think of anything else either.

If you know me and you think I am scare of something not listed here, by all means leave a comment and let me know what you think that might be.

Have a great day.

May God Bless You


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bloggers Unite Featured Artists of the Week

Shade Tree Studio - Featured Artisn

Shade Tree Studio has beautiful Vintage Style Jewelry Creations that are beautiful works of Art!  Handmade jewelry: vintage style bracelets, artisan etched metal cuffs, one of a kind necklaces, pocket watches, vintage style rings, and glamorous earrings. Many have been etched, enameled, and aged by hand with artisan patinas; creating the feel and look of a treasured vintage heirloom. A Must Have for Every Jewelry Box!

You can find Shade Tree Studio on:






Monday, October 8, 2012

Featured Artist of the Week

This weeks featured artist is  Yankee Burrow Creations.

You will absolutely want to visit her shop.  She has delightful pieces of handcrafted jewelry, crochet items, bedspreads, artwork.  Oh my just too much to list right here.  Take a look for yourself, here are just a few.

A black beaded necklace.  You will want to see her shop so that you can get a better view of this item.  It is gorgeous.

This chocolate brown choker is another.  It has graduated size beads and it just delicious.
But she does not stop there, oh no, you just wait.

This light green quilled cross is to die for.  I love the colors and that flower is amazing.  I could go on and on and on about her work with jewelry and artwork individually.  However, you will definitely want to see her shop because she has something for every room in your home and if she does not have what you are looking for in her listed inventory, just get in touch with her.  No problem, she can handle it.

Not to mention that she is a fabulous author.  Check out Yankee Burrow Creations Website. Debbi is the younger of 10 kids.  Can you imagine having 9 siblings. Not me. But she was raised by a free spirit mom who loved art and her family and she made sure that her children spent time visiting art shows and festivals.  This provided her with a zillion memories and the desire to continue to provide some artistic value to the world which she does splendidly.

Now she works her art in others ways as well.  I won't tell you too much here but when you visit her website, be sure to click on the little button at top entitled 'storyline'.  There you will find another wonderful side to this beautiful artisan. Captivating. I anxiously await another in her series.

She of course has a shop on Handmade Artists Shops and participates in the forum and the chats with lovingly given advice and responses to queries of other artists who may have an issue that needs to be resolved.  She is always available with a kind word or an uplifting thought for any who need it.

Be sure to check out these as well.


Have a nice look around.

Be Blessed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

9 Loves (10 Day You Challenge)

This week is about 9 loves.  Hmmm.

Let's see.  Now these are not in order of preference or obsession.  Who am I kidding, most are an obsession.

1.  I love my grandson Jaeden, I know that sounds normal, right. Yeah,
2,  I love chocolate
3.  I love coffee, not just any coffee, hazelnut cream coffee with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top.    
     Jus sayin
4.  I love the fall in NC Mountains
5.  I love jigsaw puzzles.
6.  I love to create, does not matter what, mostly jewelry, but anything that comes from my hands.
7.  I love learning new things.
8.  I love solitude.
9.  I love my country.

There, done.  There are actually many more and they were vying for attention today, but I think I have the ones that are most important, at least for today.

See you soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Reality of Selling Online

The Reality of Selling Online

Click on the link above and read this blog from the owner of IKnitQuiltSew shop at Handmade Artists Shops.  This is a pertinent blog for anyone who is interested in selling online as well as for those who are already online and wondering why they have not had a sale or few in weeks.  It takes a long time and you really need to take a look at this article and all the various aspects of selling online.  Do you homework before you get started and if you did not do that, then do it now.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and you should stop by the Handmade Artists Shops and take a look at the bloggers shop and venture around to some of the other shops.  You will not find better quality items nor will you find better people to purchase your items from.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.