Saturday, August 4, 2012

Handmade Artists

I just thought it was about time that I did a little "back patting"  I joined Handmade Artists and opened my shop several months ago.  I listed a few items and went on my merry way.  At the time I was still using Artfire but the economy was beginning to cause me to have to crunch numbers and I decided that after 2 years on Artfire, I had to remove my shop from there due to lack of sales.  I thought about going to Etsy, but decided against it for now.  I was not sure where else to go and then I started really looking at my Google+ and kept seeing these posts by Andrew and well.  I decided to check it out and then noticed some things being posted on Facebook and then I went and really started checking it out.  It seemed like a really good deal.  The cost is minimal, only $5.00 per month or if you do like I did then you pay $50 for the year.  So I thought, that is that. 

However, I decided to drop in on a forum about a month or so ago and signed up for a tweet ring.  I agreed to do all the tweeting that they asked.  And yes, my ADD decided to kick in about then and I totally forgot about it.  But then a couple days ago, I am checking my email and noticed one from HAF (Handmade Artists Forum) noting the time of the chat for that evening.  It was an hour after the start time but I decided to check it out and wow, I was surprised there were still some folks there and I really enjoyed chatting with them.  Since then I have been reading the forum posts, old and new and have found that I have stumbled into a group of handmade artisans that really do care about each other.

It does not matter that they may have never met, it does not matter that many create the same type of work, though you really have to check the shops there.  There are items for everyone from accessories, to home decor and I mean you name it, you can find it there.  But I digress, me I do handmade jewelry, so do many others there, but that is the point, it does not matter that we are basically competing with one another.  The fact is that on this site, we are also striving to promote each other and in so doing we are actually promoting ourselves.  Promotion is what it is all about right?  Well I don't often promote myself, maybe once a month I will put some newer things on my boards at Pinterest, I post a new piece to facebook when it's finished, but that is about it.  However, I find that I do much more promoting of other people.  Why, because it feels good to do so.  When I see something that I like, I share it.  Some of my friends on facebook may not like my style but they may very well like a style by someone else.

Suffice it to say, I will be spending a lot more time on Handmade Artists site and my shop as well as tweeting the folks there and sharing on facebook all of those fine people there who deserve to be seen everywhere by everyone.

So come on over, take a look around, sign up, share your work, or make a purchase from one of our sellers.  You can't go wrong, I promise you.

OK, enough.  I know that this post is a real ramble, but it was a spur of the moment post and my thoughts are not totally together, so forgive my transgression here and I promise to try to do better next time.  Hopefully, perhaps, maybe not, but you get the message, I just want people to see what I see and get involved.

With all God's grace, may He bless you all richly and abundantly.


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lisianblue Kris said...

Pam, HAF is a great place to hang out - there are some very nice friendly and people there - and Andrew & Kimberly do so much to help us out with the shops and do a lot of promoting! Glad you decided to join us!!!