Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Frustrated with Your Beading!!!

Have you ever had a day when you had just a teensy bit of beading to do and it would finish a project that you have had laying around for a bit waiting to be completed.  Yeah, well me too, except that today, I decided this is the day I am going to get this piece done.  It is a beautiful necklace made with what is called the Chenille stitch.  I really like it and want to get it listed in my shop

Let me just say that I have never been a quitter, so I don't usually give up.  But today, I think I may have to.  Not quit, just give up for today.  Problem is, my spirit is telling me that "you can do this, it is just a simple peyote stitch".  Yeah, OK, that's true and I have done plenty of peyote stitch in recent months.  This piece in particular calls for a tubular peyote stitch to create the end cap for the necklace in order to have a place to attach the clasps. I have done tubular peyote as well, many times.

So what's going on today.  I am just not sure but it is very frustrating.  I have started this end cap, oh let's see, I think I stopped counting at 10.  I tried it holding it with my fingers (I have pretty big fingers and long nails), that did not work.  I tried getting it started and placing it on a skewer so that I could bead around it until I had several rows done, then it should just be a snap to finish.  I mean I only need like 8 or so rows, for heavens sake.  Nope, nothing working. 

So I decided to put it down, take a break, do a little blogging and you got it, this is what comes out, so again, I think, no, gotta really take a break.  I went to sit with my daughter for a bit and we discussed a very recent order possibility that came through Facebook, watched a little TV.  Nothing really interested me, so after discussing the details of the order and what we needed to get, I decided to come back to my little corner of the world where I create my jewelry, do other odd jobs and see if it would work this time.  But you guessed it, I decided to just give it a rest. 

The way I look at it is this, there is obviously a reason why I am having such a hard time with such a simple stitch that I have often completed without problems.  I think there must be something else that needs to be done. Therefore, I have decided to complete this blog, take a trip over the to forum at Handmade Artists Shops, check my shop, make some adjustments or add a piece or two and then turn in for the night.  Since I am a notorious night owl, this will be very early turn in for me.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip of frustration and hopefully, you might find some insight from my troubles with a teensy little stitch today.  If nothing else, I get a really good laugh at myself for not paying attention to that tiny little voice in my head that tells me what to do.  I know better, I will do better.

Enjoy the blog, take a look around and do leave comments or suggestions as to how you overcome these silly sorts of days.

Love to all and may God Bless you richly.


Teresa Rusk said...

Oh dear! I've had many a day like that myself.
SOmetimes I just have to let it be for awhile and then go back and finish. Good luck!

Pam Andrews said...

Thank you, that does make me feel a bit better. I have put it aside, just that it has already been sitting here for a month calling to me to be finished. LOL. I'll get it, I'm not a quitter so I will figure out what I am doing wrong and fix the problem. Thanks for the comment