Monday, June 18, 2012

Artfire Issues

I just wanted to post an account of my trials and tribulations with ArtFire.  I had an store with them called A Beaded Affair.  I realized that I needed to change the name of our company due to some unforeseen confusion that I had no control over.  So I changed the company name to A Bead Thing.  OK so it is not all that creative, but it suits me as I am all about beads. 

Once I had done the name change and the tax change etc., I emailed the support team at ArtFire and notified them of the name change and asked if my account could remain and just change the name to which their response was 'no'.  I was told that I would have to close that shop and open a new shop with the new name, however I was also told that I could keep my same rate as long as I notified them by email once I had the new shop opened.

Well, I determined to shut down A Beaded Affair and found that since I was a Pro shop, I first had to downgrade to a free shop which was fine, I did this. However, I found that I was still being charged so I contacted them again to notify them of this.  There were a total of about 5 notifications to them that I had downgraded the shop and each and every time they insisted that I must first downgrade and gave me instructions as to how to do this repeatedly.  Well I would go back and check and sure enough found that I could not downgrade because it was already done, so back to the emails I went.  Finally, I received an email that the downgrade had been successful and I could close the shop.

Then comes along a charge for a higher rate for A Bead Thing.  Boy was I now getting angry.  I emailed them once again and was told that I would continue to be charged this fee until I downgraded A Bead Thing.  Now mind you, I never set up a shop with my current name.  What I did was to sign up for ArtFire as a patron would using my new email address which is  As recently as today, I can not sign in to Artfire as a patron, however, using my original contact email and password, I can sign in and it takes me to a shop "A Bead Thing".  I did not create this shop.  There are no items there for sale, there is no personal information there, not my name, not my address, not a thing. 

So after about 20 more emails, these folks will now not respond to me at all.  They will not take this bogus shop down or admit that they did it.  OK so maybe they thought they were assisting me when I changed my company name, however, what right do they have to automatically begin to charge me for something that I did not create.  Plus, they refuse to terminate the charges even though I have told them that I will no be adding items to this shop, I will not be using ArtFire for any purpose in the future.  I found another site to list my items which is much cheaper and I find it much more user friendly.

Now don't get me wrong, there are those who love ArtFire and bravo for them if they are having great success.  I applaud them.  However, for me, I now have to go close out my bank account of over 15 years, wait for a new debit card to arrive, and in general this just created more issues than I would want to deal with just to close a shop.

If you have had similar experiences or if you have had great ones, please leave me a note.  I would truly love to hear of all the good and bad stories to see if I am the only one with the issue.

Thank you for listening.


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