Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello everyone.

I hope that the past few weeks have been inspiring and productive for you all.  I have been working on a couple of things, watching some video tutorials and studying tutorials.  

This photo is of a bracelet that I learned from Beadholique using twin beads and seed beads.

I made this for my daughter for her birthday.  It is really lightweight and fits snugly as a cuff should but not too tight.  She absolutely loves it, has had loads of compliments on it.  

I made another one using a black twin bead and a gun metal twin bead with clear silver-lined 11/0 seed beads.

Here is the thing.  I have had so many compliments on mine and my daughters' and quite a few people have asked if I would be willing to make them one.  Well, I am in business to sell handmade jewelry after all.  However, I did the right thing and sent an email to Beadaholique and requested permission to do this and of course giving credit to them as the designer.  I WAS REFUSED.  Well the more I thought about it, the more upset I became.  I am aware that we must protect our designs.  That is not something I have a problem with.  

Here is the problem.  If one puts a video up on YouTube that millions of people can and do view.  In fact, this particular one has been viewed 22,406 times, can they really say "no" to your selling the pieces that you create.  Well, I did some research, sent some emails and lo and behold, there is a YouTube video regarding this very subject.

The result of all of that is this:  No one can prohibit you from using a design for which your purchased the tutorial or received it for free.  No one can prohibit you from using what you have learned to do.  It then becomes something you know and no one can control what is in your mind.  Now, that being said, Of course, you can not sell the tutorial itself.  So as long as you don't make copies of the videos and written tutorials, and sell them to anyone, you are safe.  

That is not to say that I will be doing all my jewelry designs from others work,  NO not at all.  Yes I do some, but most of the time I take what I call creative liberties with the design to create my own piece.  For instance the following photo is from a tutorial from Juanita Carlos.  Now Juanita gives this tutorial away for free and in the 'tut' she clearly says you may create the piece for sale, but you may not copy, reproduce or sell the tutorial.  That is totally fair.  Even with her tutorial, I did my own thing.  Take a look and let me know what you think. I wish I could also post a photo of the one Juanita has done on her tutorial, but it is a PDF file and I cannot isolate just the photo and I think to do otherwise would be violating the terms of use of the tutorial.  Anyway, you may have seen this already anyway.  Here is my take on the tut.

I thought it turned out beautifully for my first netting project.  There are mistakes and I saw them.  By the time I saw the mishaps, I was not willing to take it out.  I had done that enough already.  This took me the better part of about 14 hours to do.  No, I am not that slow, but 1) I do keep a 4 year old on most days which means interruptions and 2) I must have pulled out several of the motifs at least 10 times. Reason, well.

I have a habit of turning my work around so that I am always pushing my needle in the same direction and for this pattern in particular for me, if you turn your work and you are not very, very, very careful, you will flip the motif around and then when you are done and ready to connect to the other motif, you will find that it is backwards and it's to the point that you cannot simply just flip it over again.  Oh no, that would be way too easy.  Yep, got to pull it out and start that one over again.  

My daughter has already requested two other of this pattern in different colors.
Here is my take on the first photo.  I took the circular twin bead stitch and added to it to make something entirely different and it is a bit more narrow for those who don't like a wide bracelet. This turned out really well I think.

Well, I hope that you like what I have shown you today.  I would like it if anyone has more knowledge about copyright, could you please comment and let me know if I am on the right track or not.  Some of the information I have shared is from the YouTube video of a lady who received confirmation of this information from an attorney who deals in copyrights.

Take care and I'll be seeing you.  Happy Beading.


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