Monday, April 2, 2012

Keep Practicing

I think that is the one tip that I could give over and over and over.  Keep Practicing.  When there is something that you love to do and you are one of the millions of people who teach themselves to do all that we do, that is the key, Keep Practicing.  I have done just that again.  The latest practice is here.
I love this ring.  I did not use Swarovski crystal pearls, I used the 4mm glass pearls that were in my stash but the effect is the same.  This is such a simple ring to do and I have even decided to make a bracelet using the same technique.  I also did one in Montana Blue Swarovski crystals, not sure I like it as well but it was worth a shot, right.  Let me know which you like best. I apologize for the quality of the photo, it was done very quickly over the top of the computer using my smartphone.

 Be sure to stay tuned for the artisan of the week coming soon.  I have not had one for several weeks and my apologies for that but I will be getting back to that because I feel like other artisans deserve to be noticed by us all.

As always I would like to give credit to those from who I learn the different things that I do.  The wavy pearl and Montana wave rings are a design by Eri Attebery from Jewelry Professor.  She is absolutely awe inspiring.  I can only hope that once I have taught myself all her designs that I will be able to create just one of my own designs that come out as great as hers do.

Have a great week everyone and may God bless you and your families as we work our way through each and every day.


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