Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Out There

Getting out there.  Yeah, it is a bit scary to put forth your creations and wait for others to pass judgment.  Let's face it, we spend hours upon hours coming up with designs, checking out tutorials, learning new techniques and then we put our products on display for others to enjoy and hmmmm, nothing happens.  Well that is what I have been seeing for the last couple of years.  I have a shop on Artfire, not any results there.  My daughter had a shop on Etsy, nothing there either, but in all fairness to Etsy, she did not leave her shop up for very long.

Well the one thing I have learned is that PATIENCE is a REQUIREMENT.  If you don't have patience to search and wait and search and wait and search and wait, then you probably won't get noticed.  Let's face it, there are thousands upon thousands of places to check out on the web and for some of us, and trust me I am the first in this line, it is simply not affordable to pay to get your products noticed.  So many of us, myself included are looking for ways to get it done for as little money as possible.

Well the one place I have found that really helps is LinkedIn.  I have joined several groups there and it has proven to be quite a resource.  Many other artisans are also on the site and you can join in the discussions, have the newest discussions emailed directly to you so that you are always on top of the newest ideas and resources.  I have found through this community a coupe of really great places online to publish my jewelry.  Time will tell if it is worthwhile, but the one thing that I like is that many are free to list and you only pay if you sell an item. 

One such site in particular is Craftshowcase.   They are genuinely interested in helping you get your work out and noticed.  They only charge a percentage at the back end (when orders are made) and they handle everything else.  I would recommend that you give it some thought prior to listing so that you have all the different charges included in your price.  Just make note in your description at some point that all tax, shipping and handling are included, this way the customer knows there are no hidden charges and they know that at checkout they won't see additional charges.

So take a look at LinkedIn and join in the groups and you will gain exposure through others who are looking to share their products and information with many others just like you.  I highly recommend it, you won't regret being a part of this community.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Other ways to get out there are to become part of Google +, it is a social network much like Facebook and you can create circles of friends who do similar work as you.  Or you can do like I do and find others who do totally different work that you like, such as scrap booking, or crochet or knitting, paper crafts etc and invite them to your circles, follow them and invite them to follow you, that way you increase the exposure to your product to people who may never see it otherwise.

As always, do your homework and make sure that you trust the sites and the people that you deal with.  It is hard to do and there are chances that we all have to take but you need to also protect yourself and your product.

Good luck and let me know if you find other sites and tips for exposure and let's GET OUT THERE and be seen.

Have a blessed day!!!!


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