Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bead Weaving

I have just finished another attempt at bead weaving.  I feel like I am getting better at this.  I have done several things using one thread and two needles and I like that method, but I have also been working at using one thread/one needle and learning to weave through the beads to create the same look as with two needles and perhaps passing through only one bead to create - say a right angle stitch.  I have also been practicing the flat even count peyote stitch as well as a first attempt at practicing the odd count peyote stitch.

I did make one attempt at creating a bezel for a cabochon.  Unfortunately for me, it was late and my lighting was not good enough for me to be able to use the size 11 and size 15 seed beads that I needed with the particular bead that I was using, so I took it apart and will make another attempt in a day or so.

I did a beautiful ring today using the tutorial from Eri Attebery from Jewelry Professor online.  This is a wonderful site and it is well worth the money I paid to be a member of this site.  I encourage everyone to take a look at it and then join, you won't be sorry, especially if you are a beginner in the bead weaving arena.

Here are some photos of the latest pieces that I have been working on.

I hope you enjoy these pieces and if you do please let us know.  If you see something you like please visit us at

We always welcome feedback so feel free to speak your mind.

Love and blessings to all.

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