Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lastest Creations

As I have said a couple of times now, I am moving on to 'New Endeavors'.  Boy am I ever.  I have become addicted to bead weaving and it produces such great jewelry.  I think the thing I like most about jewelry made by bead weaving techniques and stitches is that it is so light and wearable.  It moves with you and you really don't feel weighed down by it.  We all know that sometimes jewelry can be a bit weighty and we are always checking that necklace to make sure it is hanging just right, the pendant is not flipped over or one of a hundred things we women think about when wearing our art or that of someone else.  Well the jewelry that I have made thus far with bead weaving techniques is delightful.  It wears wonderfully, I never check it because it is always sitting just right. 

I wanted to share some of my latest creations with you all.  No, they are not my designs and I would love to be specific about the designer's name, she is Jennifer VanBenschoten and her tutorial was found on BEAD WORK.  She has called the bracelet Emerald City Flat Spiral Bracelet. To Jennifer,  KUDOS to you, they are magnificent and you have done a fantastic job of showing the novice how to do these beautiful pieces with little or no experience.  I now long for more tutorials on the beaded jewelry.

I could and do literally sit and work on bead weaving for hours at a time.  I want to show you some of the results of what I have been learning from this generous author  as well as the author of tutorials and the blog at  Be sure to visit the site, there are some beautiful pieces there.  Now I must say, you will find greater pieces there than you will here, but hey, I am just a beginner in this process and trust me I will continue until I get better.  I am still learning stitches and practicing them.  Once I feel like I am really good at all the stitches, I will make attempt to create my own designs.  I do have some notes laying around, (I haven't gotten me a book yet) sticky notes, backs of envelopes, you know the drill, wherever there is a space to jot something down.

The first is the Emerald City Bracelet.  I have used more of a teal color crystal and it is not Swarovski but it works out beautifully.  I just love it.  Thanks Jennifer.

The bracelet to the left is another of Jennifer's Emerald City Bracelet but with a red crystal, again not Swaroski but again, I love the look of it.

 The ring below is the flower ring by Eri Attebery from  This is the second one of these I have done and I used a different needle and different thread and it works so much better.  I really love this design and have already had a friend ask for one for herself.  Thanks Eri.

 The ring above is on and I am sorry I do not know the name of the designer, however, if she should see this and could let me know, I would like to thank her for her tutorials, they are simply great videos and she does a wonderful job teaching these delightful creations.  My ring is a bit different from her design however, in that I used seed beads as the center and she uses 4mm crystals.  I may try it that way as well.  She also does a similar ring design in fire polished glass.

This ring has been created by my daughter using a tutorial from an ebook purchased from  She has also change the design (wrap) just a bit to suit her better.  I love this ring and it is very lightweight and certainly draws attention.  She wore it to work tonight and has already been asked to make one for a co-worker.  That is pretty awesome, right?

Take a look and as always your critique is welcome, be honest because I can't make progress without constructive criticism ya know.  I am eager to hear what you all have to say.

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