Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Weeks Featured Blog

This is a great blog and I for one am taking notes since I will now be making a more concerted effort to get ready for shows but also because it applies to "home jewelry shows" as well.  Thank you so much Catherine.

Here is the link for this blog.Doing an Art Show. Here's a List found at

ShadowDogDesigns' Blog

Catherine's Blog About Jewelry, Gemstones and Other Artists
By all means take note.

Newest Creation - Website

Hi everyone, my newest creation is my website.  A Bead Thing is up and running.  Of course, I make changes to it daily at this point as I find new ways to enhance it or better ways to display items or links.  I will have a blog page there with other links.  I would like to link to some of the wonderful posts that I have read on various blogs, so if you would like a post to be linked, post it in the comment section with the appropriate URL information and I will be happy to check it out and post.  Of course, as always, inappropriate content will not be posted to website.  I would like to portray come of the wonderful artisans that I have seen and who have taught me so much about handmade jewelry and are a true inspiration to myself as they are to so many others.  I would love to hear from you.

There is also a comment page on the website, please feel free to let me know if you have suggestions to enhance the website or if there are other things you would like to see.  All comments will be reviewed and action taken as appropriate.  Since this is my very first attempt at crating a web page, I look forward to your comments and tips.

New pieces will be added weekly as I continue to learn and create and hopefully someday I will have created something that will inspire others. 

Happy days.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My sincerest apologies to Andrea Mazzenga the person to whom I am grateful for the instruction on "Kate's Lace" bracelet.  I misspelled her name in my earlier post.  I have since corrected that mistake and felt I must post specifically with an apology to her and to all who read that post and thought "what a dummy, she can't even get her name right."  I am truly sorry, but oh oh so happy that Andrea posted that video tutorial.  I absolutely love that wavy design and she made it so simple to do.

Thank you to all who overlooked my ignorant mistake and I promise that mistake will never be made again.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lastest Creations

As I have said a couple of times now, I am moving on to 'New Endeavors'.  Boy am I ever.  I have become addicted to bead weaving and it produces such great jewelry.  I think the thing I like most about jewelry made by bead weaving techniques and stitches is that it is so light and wearable.  It moves with you and you really don't feel weighed down by it.  We all know that sometimes jewelry can be a bit weighty and we are always checking that necklace to make sure it is hanging just right, the pendant is not flipped over or one of a hundred things we women think about when wearing our art or that of someone else.  Well the jewelry that I have made thus far with bead weaving techniques is delightful.  It wears wonderfully, I never check it because it is always sitting just right. 

I wanted to share some of my latest creations with you all.  No, they are not my designs and I would love to be specific about the designer's name, she is Jennifer VanBenschoten and her tutorial was found on BEAD WORK.  She has called the bracelet Emerald City Flat Spiral Bracelet. To Jennifer,  KUDOS to you, they are magnificent and you have done a fantastic job of showing the novice how to do these beautiful pieces with little or no experience.  I now long for more tutorials on the beaded jewelry.

I could and do literally sit and work on bead weaving for hours at a time.  I want to show you some of the results of what I have been learning from this generous author  as well as the author of tutorials and the blog at  Be sure to visit the site, there are some beautiful pieces there.  Now I must say, you will find greater pieces there than you will here, but hey, I am just a beginner in this process and trust me I will continue until I get better.  I am still learning stitches and practicing them.  Once I feel like I am really good at all the stitches, I will make attempt to create my own designs.  I do have some notes laying around, (I haven't gotten me a book yet) sticky notes, backs of envelopes, you know the drill, wherever there is a space to jot something down.

The first is the Emerald City Bracelet.  I have used more of a teal color crystal and it is not Swarovski but it works out beautifully.  I just love it.  Thanks Jennifer.

The bracelet to the left is another of Jennifer's Emerald City Bracelet but with a red crystal, again not Swaroski but again, I love the look of it.

 The ring below is the flower ring by Eri Attebery from  This is the second one of these I have done and I used a different needle and different thread and it works so much better.  I really love this design and have already had a friend ask for one for herself.  Thanks Eri.

 The ring above is on and I am sorry I do not know the name of the designer, however, if she should see this and could let me know, I would like to thank her for her tutorials, they are simply great videos and she does a wonderful job teaching these delightful creations.  My ring is a bit different from her design however, in that I used seed beads as the center and she uses 4mm crystals.  I may try it that way as well.  She also does a similar ring design in fire polished glass.

This ring has been created by my daughter using a tutorial from an ebook purchased from  She has also change the design (wrap) just a bit to suit her better.  I love this ring and it is very lightweight and certainly draws attention.  She wore it to work tonight and has already been asked to make one for a co-worker.  That is pretty awesome, right?

Take a look and as always your critique is welcome, be honest because I can't make progress without constructive criticism ya know.  I am eager to hear what you all have to say.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Okay, I'm not really a show off, but I would like to show what I've been up to lately.  Just another curve in the road for me.  As I said on an earlier post "New Endeavors"  I am going to go full steam ahead in a new direction in my life.  Yes it is a bit late in life to change directions, but you know what, better late than never.  I have always done what was expected for the most part, although my mother 'God rest her soul' might have a different perspective. LOL  I have always been the one to pick up and move on until the last few years when I have become a little complacent and hesitated to change, but the time has come.  I love making jewelry of any kind.  I have tried a piece or two in many of the methods.  I have done some wire crochet, bead stringing, wire wrapping, polymer clay and now I am on to bead weaving.  I just love this one.  Not that I don't love the others, but there is just something about bead weaving that grabs you and pulls you in.  Now don't get me wrong, it is frustrating, at least for me, and I have stopped and taken it apart many times before actually finishing a piece.  The most frustrating about this is that I have vision problems, and I have a really hard time getting the monofilament or braided thread and even the bonded bead weaving thread through the needle.  I have tried all the needles that I have been able to find around here in the craft stores.  Michael's only carries the large eye needles.  Oh and the bent ones that I use in the bead spinner, sorry I forgot what the name of those are but they are great.  However, everyone tells me use a number 10 or 12, well that is fine and dandy if you can see the eye of the needle, me, I have to feel for it and it is purely trial and error to get that thread through that eye.  Then of all things, once I get the thing threaded, I have to find those itty bitty holes in the beads.  It is a comedy of errors if you know what I mean.  I could be a really good comedy show while doing this.  Everyone would get great laughs.  But I am one determined woman and I will persevere til the job is done.  Below is a picture of the couple of pieces that I have completed.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Yes there are mistakes, but I wear it proudly anyway.  I will correct the mistakes on the next piece and YES there will be a next piece.  Just as there will be more polymer clay and wire wrapping and so on and so on.  Guess you could say I am trying to find my niche.  Yeah right!  I love to do them all.  And I love it even more when people stop and say, "oh what a pretty necklace" or bracelet or whatever I'm wearing at the time.  It just does my heart good to say, "oh yea thank I can make you one if you like:".  I had a friend see my ring the other day and she just said "oh I want one"  I asked her what colors she wanted and she said I don't care just make me a ring.  cool huh.

The bracelet above is a design by Andrea Mazzenga that she called Kate's Lace Bracelet.  Her video tutorial is amazing.  She is such a great instructor.  I really loved watching the tutorial and it turned out pretty well.  Like I said there are some mistakes but overall, the design came out well.

The ring to the right is a design by Eri Attebery and is called Flower Ring.  She is also a wonderful instructor and her video tutorial was wonderful.  I made this from watching the video once.  Well, not exactly, I watched the video then started over and watched, paused, watched, paused, and so on.  This particular one was done with a stringing wire which is all I had at the time and it worked well especially since it would not thread through a needle and I did it without a needle, but unfortunately and unbelievably, it stretched and now is too large for any finger on my hand.  But it is still a beautiful piece.

By all means critique me.  I love feedback and am always open to tips and tricks that could make my work better.  As I practice on the designs from tutorials of others, and get better at the technique, I will begin to attempt to create my own designs.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Featured Artisans on Bloggers Unite

You do not want to miss this artisan. She has some beautiful work. Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Week's Featured Artisan is Rebecca Raige - Raige Creations!

Rebecca's creations are truly unique. Just in time for spring and summer, you have got

to check out her "Tokini's" - theya re just tooo cute!

You can find Raige Creations on:

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello everyone.  Just here to drop a note.  Anyone who reads this and knows of followers of A Beaded Affair that I am not able to contact personally, please let them know that the blog abeadedaffair no longer exists.  My daughter and I decided to change the name of our company, blog and all because of a conflict with another company of similar name.  Thanks for following our blog and we hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First New Endeavor

OK folks, I have decided that I need to learn bead weaving and truly it is not that hard.  I have made a couple of rings.  However, I am having some difficulty with needles.  Any help anyone could give me would be oh so GREAT.  I have watched several bead weaving videos made on the "Jewelry Making Professor" website by Eri Attebery.  She does such wonderful work and her videos are great teaching aides.  The one thing that I find distressing is that she does not mention the type of needle she is using with her monofilament thread.  I have looked and looked, paused the video over and over again to try to see the needle end.  It does not look as though there is an eye to the needle.  The thread simply looks like an extension of the needle which it may truly be however, I have not been able to find anything online or in stores that resembles her needles.

If I use my collapsible needles they work for the most part, but then in the smaller seed beads or those less expensive ones that not at all consistent in size but still usable in many designs, well if I thread the needle like I would in sewing the needle will go through the bead but not the eye with a double thread even though it knows it only has a short distance to go to be on a single thread (lol) but then I can't thread more than once through those beads anyway which is a disaster in bead weaving. Right?  HELP.  Anyone.

I would really like to find out what type of needle looks like hers and then the wire or monofilament is simply an extension of the needle, anybody know what I am talking about.  PLEASE HELP.  If you happen to know how to get in touch with Eri Attebery then please let me know so that I can ask for her help directly.  I truly appreciate it.

Thanks, much appreciation.