Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Endeavors

Anyone considering a "new endeavor" for the upcoming new year?  Yeah?  I thought so.  Don't we all?  Well, where does one get their inspiration for the new? Where does one get the faith to strike out into the perhaps unknown?  Well, I don't have the answers, but I am on a mission to do just that, find the faith to go out into the unknown, again.  Yes again.  I have been sort of a moderate adventurer most of my life.  Change was something that never bothered me, I did it often and most often it was into the unknown.  Well now I am approaching 60 years of age and contemplating the unknown once again.  I have been a realtor for over 10 years and did OK in that endeavor and a crafter most of my life and that was really just for me.  Well the business of real estate has steadily declined over the past couple of years and I for one just can't find the motivation to continue pushing for success in that arena so I have decided to jump ship and make every attempt to have my crafting hobby turn into a full time occupation. 

I have done every sort of craft imaginable.  For the last year or so, I have been concentrating on creating jewelry using beads.  For years I collected beautiful beads just because they were pretty.  Then about a year ago, I began making my own jewelry, created a store on Artfire and have not really put forth the effort that I am capable of in order to make much of a success at the selling end of that endeavor.  Now I have the motivation of need to help me make more of an effort.  Yes, need.  Necessity is the father of creation right?  Well it is very necessary to sell some of my creations to make some kind of a living and I love creating jewelry, but I also love other crafts as well.  So "A Bead Thing" may be expanding into other craft areas as well, though beads will always be my passion so I will be looking for inspiration to use beads in other media.  Yes I know that many folks out there use beads as art, but I am not an artist in that sense of the word.  I don't create pictures, not yet anyway.  I have seen beautiful work in that arena and it is a daunting feeling to think of even trying.  Plus, using seed beads creatively is something I still need to learn. 

The larger beads work well for me most of the time because my vision is very bad and the fact that I wear glasses and have for most of my life is just not enough to work with seed beads, so I am looking into using a type of lighted magnifier that attaches to a table in order to provide myself with both the required magnification as well as good light which is as important as the magnification.  This should help me to see well enough to start to learn to work with seed beads more.

I am also going back to my attempts at polymer clay.  I was not very successful in my first attempts, but have decided that it is just a matter of continued practice with that medium.  I have such beautiful polymer clay pieces and the creation of them fascinates me and inspires me to attempt it again.

I would really like to hear from others who are beginners in any of the beading mediums, whether it is seed beads, polymer clay, metal clay, dapping or any method you use to create your inspirations.  However, I also want to hear from experienced artisans who have mastered their medium of choice.  Tell me what inspires you, how you handle your medium and anything that you believe would be beneficial to me or anyone who is looking to begin crafting or who is looking to begin working with a new medium to create their inspirations.

All information is welcome.  I will also be looking for folks that perhaps will allow me to interview them for a spot on my blog.  This is also an avenue that I aspire to become better at.  In the near future, I will be creating a new page on this blog that will be created to allow people a peek into my trials and tribulations of a more personal nature, and hopefully will inspire others to tell their stories so that others can learn from our successes as well as our mistakes.  Everyone needs someone who is willing to listen to our story and just be there.  I find it therapeutic to be able to write my thoughts and my heart, knowing that some will read and some will not, but it is so like venting without actually spewing it all over a close friend and it gets it out of my system.  So be on the lookout for a new blog link.

I look forward to meeting more of you and hopefully having some interviews to share with others to provide inspiration and fellowship with everyone.

May God bless everyone and I hope that everyone will be able to take something from this that will help your faith to grow and inspire that faith in others.

God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas.

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