Monday, August 8, 2011


Good morning everyone.  Yes it has been since I have made a post, but there is a good reason, I promise.  I have been really busy making new pieces for a bazaar that was held a week or so ago and now that the bazaar is over, I have been working on getting a .com domain and that has been a little daunting.

It was not difficult to accomplish except that we should have checked that out before we started everything else.  Why? you ask, well we found that the name we had given to our Artfire Studio and that we use for everything else, business cards, this blog, my email account, yeah, just everything, was already in use.  We never wanted to step on anyones toes or anything, it was just something my daughter and I came up with when we first began to try to promote our jewelry making endeavor.  Well try to get all that changed!! It is a nightmare.  I have most of it changed however, many things still run under A Beaded Affair in the background, but what folks will actually see is "A Bead Thing".  Well we wanted to use  It's a Bead Thing but that was taken too so we settled.  My imagination was run pure dry if you know what I mean.  Anyway we now have a website at  It is not completed yet because I am a beginner at much of this and I am slowly working my way through all of it.  So you may not find anything there yet, but soon, I promise we will have at a minimum, a passable web presence and if I am very lucky it might even be good.  One never knows.  Of course I will continue to work on it the more I learn and that will make it better every time I tweek it. 

Just so you are aware, our twitter has been changed to abeadthing and you can email me a pam@abeadthing.comOur FB fan page is also called A Bead Thing.  Silly name 'huh'  yeah I know but if one can't have a little fun in life and enjoy what you do well what is it all about anyway, right.  We decided on A Bead Thing because when we first started making jewelry, our creations came from years of collecting beads.  I would go into a craft store or anywhere really that sold beads or the like and if I saw something that I liked, I would buy it.  By the time we actually sat down and started making jewelry I had been collecting beads for probably - oh I don't know 10 years I guess. So it was 'a bead thing' for us, we just loved beads.

At any rate, our website is twofold.  We have every intention of retaining our Artfire studio.  Of course it will help if they will let me change the name without shutting down and starting all over but either way we will continue.  However, we will be promoting our jewelry on the website as well.  Not just our jewelry though.  We want to also promote our friends creations as well.  So if you would like to have your jewelry or bead creations promoted in one more spot, please by all means email me a link and I will certainly get it on the website.  If you want your contact information added, then give me that as well. 

As I said, I am still in the process of constructing this website so things may change a bit as time goes on but I can promise you that I will make adding your information to our website as painless and hopefully as profitable for you as I possibly can.

I look forward to hearing from you all and please check it out.  But, hey give it a week at least so that I can get it looking at least like I think I know what I am doing okey dokey.

Love to hear from you so also please visit our facebook fan page and leave us a note and say hello, or go by our personal facebook page and check that out as well.  A lot of my jewelry friends have really great stuff posted there as well

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