Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latest Work

Hello eveyone.  Yes it has been a while since I have been here, but we have been very busy.  We are now making an attempt to ready ourselves for a bazaar in Ormond Beach.  It is a bazaar that is generally heavily advertised and typically has large crowds attending.  It is our first time at doing a show of any kind so it is a bit intimidating.

I do however, have some new pieces to show you.  We have been ordering gemstones from Superior Agates.  She has some really love stones and if you buy from her via facebook, then they are cheaper than if you go to her studio.  I have purchased some beauties.

The one I want to show you first is a "Butterfly Jasper"  It has great detail in the stone and Leia, who does most of the pendant wire wrapping did this one for me for my mother's day gift.  I absolutely treasure it.  The stone itself is gorgeous.  I will show it to you the way it is and was originally done, but also say that Leia is going to make just a small change to it and I think it will be even more beautiful.  It is, of course beautiful the way it is, but she wants to tweek it just a little bit.  See what you think!

The tiny tweeking that Leia is going to do is to the large swirl on the bottom left to more closely resemble the swirl at the top right.  I think this will only add to the beauty although I am totally in love with this pendant.  I wear it often and enjoy it loads.  She has used a non-tarnish german silver wire along with a pink non-tarnish silver wire.  The pink wire picks up on the pink from the stone and adds a dimension to it in my opinion.  Either way, it is a beautiful stone and I will enjoy this piece for years to come.

The next piece I want to show you is also in the, let's say as above a bit unfinished stage.  We decided to tweek it a bit as well.  The weave on the stone is going to be reduced in order for more of the stone to show.  It is such a beautiful piece of quartz, that we don't want the silver to take away from the beauty but to add to its beauty.  See what I mean.

See what I mean.  The silver non-tarnish german wire is beautiful wire and we use it a lot, however, I want more of the stone to show.  I should be able to show you more photos in a day or two.  Leia is in the process of wrapping more stones at the moment so it may take a couple of days to get back to these.

The other piece that Leia has been working on is below.  It is a glass bead we picked up at the Hobby Lobby and she decided to do a weave around it using a few single seed beads of the same colors as found in the bead.  It looks planetary to me.  My first comment to her when I saw it completed was, "hey it is a bit off center".  She just laughed at me.  She said "mom, you are so asymetrical, take another look."  I did and then see that it was all planned and well thought out.  It was intentional, she wanted it to look just a teensy bit off kilter, like most planets.  Once I looked at her with her perspective, I thought geez, what a thought process.  I would never have thought of it like that when beginning.  I would have centered the darn thing and called it a good thing.  I like it better. See, sometimes it is a good thing to be off kilter.  Take a look.

I love the way this looks.

So this is what we have been up to lately.

So if anyone has any tips on showing at a large bazaar, please by all means get them to us so that we don't totally fall on our collective faces there.  I am working on trying to make some displays for us to use.

I also would love any comments you may have about the photos you see here or anything you may have seen in our studio at A_Beaded_Affair.artfire.com.  or you can join us on facebook, just look for Pam Andrews on facebook and you will see lots of new things and beautiful art.

See you soon.

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