Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As Promised Finished Polymer Clay

OK here we go artisans and interested parties.  I have promised photos of the finished polymer clay experiments that I was working on.  Here they are:

This is a photo of most of the pieces that I did just for a quick overview of the work.  Some were made just using scraps of the clay left over and others as you can see are beads with a lace cane overlay.  My very first lace cane.  I know this can be better.  But hey, first try here right.  I would really love if anyone who does a lot of polymer clay could critique the work for me perhaps on the photos below which are a bit clearer to give me some direction with what I am doing incorrectly and what I should be doing better.  Of course, personally, I think polymer clay is a medium which allows the artisan to do pretty much whatever they want.  However, I am aware that there are better ways to doing some things than I have figured out by myself.  This is strictly a hands-on learn as I go process.  No tutorials, no classes, just conditioning the clay and using my imagination.  Wow, what an an imagination. LOL.

Another photo.
The above photo is of pieces made using only scraps, some combined and some not.  They are sanded and finished with a polyurethrane water based gloss.  I like the shiny look to these.

The above photo is beads that have been created using the dark teal green clay color as a base and overlaying with a lace cane.  This provides a darker bead than the photo below which is made from using the yellow color clay base with the same lace cane overlay.
The next photograph is again beginner beads and they were finished by tumbling with some fairly smooth stones.  I had tumbled the stones for a while and removed the very smooth ones and used the ones with a few slight edges to them for tumbling with the clay beads.  The result is pretty good. 
As you can see, these are not as glossy as the previous photo.  These are finished with the exact same finish, 'polyurethrane gloss".  I also think this finish is really good even though not as glossy.  Desirability depends on the wearer of the pieces.  I like to use both in my jewelry although I am not sure that I like the effect if they are used together in the same piece.

The next photo is of just a pile of the beginner beads which were tumbled but of different colors.  These were all done using scrap clay.

These were created as said, with scraps but I did not use the yellow clay as before, this was a mixture of a couple of colors until I had something that I liked, no recipe used here.  Yeah I know, I should use recipe or at least write down what I did so that I can recreate the effect if it is one that I like. 

The last photo is of a set that was made from the above pieces, a bracelet and earring set.  I really like this set.  I have enjoyed showing it off to people. 

These experiments have given me at least one thing.  The desire to continue with polymer clay.  I have really enjoyed working with the clay and letting my imagination run wild "so to speak".  I think that the creative juices could really flow when using this medium and the sky is the limit as to what an artisan can create using clay.  There are so many varieties of clay to choose from, one only has to find the brand and colors that suit their needs. 

I have been reading a lot of information regarding different clays and it seems that every artisan has their preference as to which one they use.  I find that Sculpey III which is used here as well as Premo for some works really well for me.  I will be continuing the polymer clay experiments and trying different color combinations.

Now I just have to perfect the skinner blend.  My attempts thus far have proven to be considerably less than satisfactory.  However, in my defense, I am only beginning to get used to the pasta machine and how it functions as well as the method for the skinner blend.  My first attempts came out too thin way too early and therefore just could not continue to be worked.  That is how I came on so much scrap material to use for beads.  I just could not bring myself to throw it away.

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos and look forward to viewing more experiments in the days and weeks ahead.  I am looking forward to viewing the progress of my work to see how it progresses.

Good luck, have a blessed day all.

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