Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The following is a post that I made to my studio blog and I thought that it was important enough to post here as well.  There may have been some changes from the original post but overall it is the same.  I hope that if it touches just one person that it will make a difference in that life.  If you find yourself needing a friend, you have come to the right place.  I can be that for you. 

Friends.  Most of us have them. All of us need them. But do we know who they are?

This post seems irrelevant to the studio or to artisans, perhaps.  However, I happen to believe that it is very relevant, especially in today's society.  We are so busy, so on the move, in our fast paced world.  It seems that we never stop to smell the roses much less to realize what we are missing when it comes to friends.  Yes, we all have those friends that we speak to on the phone once or twice a week, some we see every day and we talk for 30 minutes during lunch, go 'kiss kiss' and we are on our way again. 

How many of us have realized the friendships that we create here within our studios, on our facebook pages, fan pages, and blogspots to mention a few?  I did not at first.  I have only been connecting with others here through handmade jewelry on artfire, blogspot, facebook for a few months, but I am beginning to see the difference in our lives.  I am beginning to realize the value of the connections that are made here. 

Many of us will never meet, but we will be fast friends for years to come.  Let's hope.  We learn from one another, we are inspired by one another, we are tested by one another and occasionally we are chastised by one another.  Is that not what friends do?  Is it the jewelry, I don't think so.  Is it the anonymity? Perhaps. Is it the connection of creating handmade items?  Perhaps.  Whatever the reason, we should value these relationships, nurture them and let them grow, no matter that we may never see the other person or persons.  These friendships will carry us through the days of no inspiration, irrational expectations of ourselves and the days of no inspiration.

Like it or not, we are all in this together and I see each and every day, so much support for one another.  I find it absolutely incredible and I wander around the internet all the time and have for years through various business types and various types of people and I do not see the potential for so many lasting friendships than I do through our studios, facebook support and blog support. 

I have recently begun talking to a lady; actually spoken to her once over the phone, communicated through email and blogs, etc.  She is such a smart lady, she assists everyone who asks, no questions, just helps with their studio, their banners, their photos, you name it she does it.  She gave me such good advice about blogging, and tagging, etc.  All of this in the midst of trying to take care of her husband and children and her home as well as make her own jewelry and run her own studio.  How awesome is that?

I just wanted to post this so that we all remember that we are all here for our art, to try to eek out a bit of income from what we love doing, and for some, just to make friends.  For me the most important part of course is the friends that I will make here and other pages that I visit or use to show my jewelry, because it is through these friends that my jewelry will become better and more unique.  Each friend that i make here leaves a bit of a mark and that mark becomes part of a piece of jewelry.

I hope that this post has given us all some food for thought and that we all try to reach out to someone, because you never know, that someone may be the one person who happens to be there because they NEED you so badly.  Sometimes there may be a hole that you can fill for them just by saying "hello" or "beautiful work".  Let us not just walk by without a word. Leave your mark on someone elses life.  God would have us do this and He has placed us here for a reason, let us find that and honor Him with our love for one another as well as our art.

Have a blessed evening

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