Thursday, January 6, 2011

Questions and Tips

Hi everyone,

Today is going to be a busy day.  What with jewelry making, inspiration seeking, chatting with beading friends and oh yes, my day job.  End of year at the day job so lots of paperwork to go through, and numbers to crunch etc etc etc.

However, I have a question for anyone who is more experienced in jewelry making than myself, which I am sure must be most of you.  I am making my own hoops for beaded earrrings and as I work with them, they look gorgeous but it seems that when completed, I have these little bends, not all that noticeable but there nonetheless.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to prevent this from happening or to remedy it once it has happened.  When I take my photos I generally do a very close up of the item so these may show in the photograph more than they actually would on the ear in everyday walk about living.

I would love to get some tips from the populace about that. 

Also, I purchased a simple rock tumbler to use for some things I have found just walking around and want to perhaps use them as pendants, does anyone have a suggestion for a starting point for wire wraping these pieces.  For example do I need a base to glue to piece to then start wrapping or just design a wrap that will hold the piece.  Will wire wrapping without glueing hold the piece securely.  I don't want anyone to have a beautiful piece of jewelry that the focal point just falls out of it, you know.

I am sure there are others that have other questions as well.  Please feel free to post your questions here.  If I can answer, or find the answer I will most certainly post a response for it.

Thanks to all who are reading this blog.  I am always open for suggestions.

Have a great beading day.

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