Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newest Piece in Progress

Good afternoon.

I just stopped by to make sure everyone remembers to follow this blog or my tweeter.  You may be interested in some of the very exciting folks that I follow daily.  Some free giveaways, contests and other exciting news.  Stay tuned for more.

I also wanted to show a photo of the piece we are currently working on.  Please keep in mind that it is in progress and has not been completed yet.  It is one of our first Valentines pieces so we wanted to get it out there for any feedback that you may want to give.  As always feedback is appreciated.

Make sure to follow us on this blog or tweeter for more news and pieces as well as news from others that we think may be appealing to others.

Take a look

This piece is, except for the beads, complete hand made.  We have to thank others for their inspiration and instruction.  Teachers who give of themselves and their designs are the backbone this business for everyone and we must always pay respect to those people.  I hope that our work brings them honor.  Of course, as I said, this piece is unfinished and therefore not shown anywhere but here and tweeter.

Thanks for taking a look, please leave comments.

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