Monday, January 17, 2011

My Latest Project - Polymer Clay

Well, here I am again.  I have completed my first polymer clay project ever.  LOL Yes it was funny.  They, of course, did not turn out all that well.  But, hey, it was my very first attempt ever.  I can't display photos of them yet, they just came out of the oven.  It was a learning experience.  I learned not to work the clay to much or you lose the colors you are working with.  I learned that I can not form a round bead by rolling it in my hand.  I get egg beads.  I also learned that I can not seem to form a square very well.  LOL.  Trust me when I say these did not turn out very well. 

Now I am not getting down on myself for not succeeding, my daughter, Leia tells me that she will definitely use them in some design or other.  I can't wait to see that.  However, I have to say, it took me about 2 hours to make 16 pieces.  some roundish, some roundish flat beads, some barrelish beads, some squarish beads.  So that is not bad for some very rudimentary bead creation. 

I am sure that other polymer clay artists did not have perfect work the first time they made the attempt either, so I am going to continue in my efforts and I will keep you posted on the progress.  I will post photos of some of the work I did tonight in a post within a day or two.  Then you can laugh all you want, does not bother me.  One of the reasons that I find that I will definitely continue in this medium is that I smoke less.  Smoking less is something that I very definitely need to promote.  I am not supposed to be smoking at all with  a heart condition.  But my day job is very stressful right now and the economics surrounding my day job don't appear to be sunny right now and may not be for a while.  My day job is real estate.  So I have been smoking much much more than in the past few months and  making jewelry is helping to stem that flow a bit which is a very good thing. 

Things always appear darkest before dawn. 

Making jewelry makes me happy, and it helps to make me healthier to a point.  Of course, I would love to just sit and make jewelry or communicate through my blog or the forums to which I belong and get to know some of you truly great artisans better, but I do have to get up off of it and go for walks as much as I can.  Thing is, it has just been too cold for me lately even in Florida.

Anyway, Leia and I are getting ready to crack down and get some Valentine's jewelry done and up in our studio, so keep checking for new items to be listed.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.  Most folks are very gracious with their comments and I sincerely appreciate what everyone has to say and I don't take negativity personally.  I do try to learn something from every comment made regarding our jewelry and if possible put as much of what I learn from your comments into practice.  I strive to be better and better each day. 

As for my family, all are well.  I had an email from my brother today who lives in SC.  His children have missed several days of school and had a few late openings and he has missed some work due to the snow and ice they have had.  I am sure many of you have been dealing with the same issues.  I love to look at the snow, but I don't like driving in it and especially not if there is ice mixed in with the mess.  But things are beginning to get better there so things should return to normal very soon.  Let's hope they don't get anymore for awhile.  They don't generally get too much of the white stuff there.  However, this year the snow has seemed to come further south than normal much earlier in the year that ever before.  Wonder what scientists and weather folks have to say about why that is?

I have not heard from my son in Afghanistan for a few days, but I know he is well.  He has communicated with some other family members so he is doing okay for now.  Talk about snow, boy I am glad I am not there.  He had told me the temperature was minus 8 degrees the other night plus they had a lot of wind to boot.  That is really really cold.  It must be difficult for the men and women who have to be out in that on a regular basis.  Not like us, we can choose to stay indoors when the weather gets like that, or most of us can anyway. 

I would ask all who will, to pray for their safety and that they all come home safely and with as little trauma as possible.

Well it is getting very late and has been past my bedtime for quite a while now, so I will close with this.

Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly and
Leave the rest to God.
Good night and May God Bless you all.

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