Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Again and Again

Hi and welcome to A Beaded Affair blog.  Here we can discuss everything and anything.  I began collecting beads and other accessories years ago.  Why you say?  Well I would purchase what caught my eye and that I thought I could put together into something pretty to wear.  However, as most of you can attest to, life just gets in the way sometimes, actually most of the time.  I was so busy trying to make a living in a very difficult profession, real estate, to support myself and my almost grown children.  Well they were grown sort of but they had not yet flown out of the nest.  So I just kept putting them in a drawer and then the amount grew until I purchased storage boxes for them and the amount of beads and things just kept growing.  Then one day I was shopping with my daughter and looking at beads and picking out a few more, when my daughter said to me, "mom, when are you going to do something with those beads?"  I responded with the usual, "when I get the time".  She asked me if she could purchase some as well and she did.  Then she started asking if she could use some of my collection.  I hesitated because I did not think she was serious about creating, but low and behold, I had to attend a Halloween party one evening and had no "bling" (I was going as a dead bridesmaid), so I told my daughter, "hey, while I take a shower, how about making me a couple of those anklets that look like sandals".  She said okay and began.  By the time I was dressed, made up and ready to go, she had made me a pair of slave anklets, which you can see in our studio at http://www.a_beaded_affair.artfire.com/.  Everyone loved them, so she made another pair to put in the studio. I still wear mine around the house when I want to feel dressed but want to be barefoot, which is most of the time.

Anyway, since then there have been several of those occasions where I said, got to go out, need jewelry and she responds by the time my shower and dressing is done, with accessories I am proud to show off to my friends.  We decided to try to start selling them to supplement her income since she only works part time (the economy you know) and she has a 3 year old son to take care of.  So far we have several items in the studio.  We search the internet for inspiration.  Believe me there is a lot of inspiration out there.  But to be fair to the artisan who created our inspirations, we try diligently not to copy but to only use their designs to dream up one of our own.  Any similarities are accidental and never never on purpose. 

Ok, I will stop here for now.  Please post your own beginnings or questions or inspirations here for everyone to see.  All will be appreciated and all will be honored.

Thank you for visiting A Beaded Affair.

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