Friday, February 10, 2017


I know, I know.  I have been silent for a very long time.  I lost interest in blogging, spent a lot more time, creating homeschool work for my grandson and in general, just decided that writing might not be my thing anymore.

I also took a very long hiatus from doing any beading.  I purchased items and spent a lot of time organizing my beads.  I have actually 252 containers in many drawers on top of my craft table that hold seed beads of different sizes, findings or any type you might possibly need, gemstones, and many many other bead things.  But once I got it organized, I just simply did not want to create another piece of jewelry.  It has been at least a year and probably longer since I have done any real jewelry beading.  I did create a pair of snowman earrings which my daughter loves to wear at Christmas time.

Anyway, nuf said.  This update is to ask all who would love to continue to follow me, Yes, I will write more, Yes I will do more.  I ask that you give me a month.  So starting, oh let's say the first of April (little longer than a month, but whose counting), and I will have another blog up and running.  I have not made up my mind whether to continue using Blogger with Google or to simply switch to WordPress.  I am thinking WordPress might be better.  That is why I ask for a month, to check it out and make a decision, and get it up and running.

I can tell you that the new blog will be about much more than beading, jewelry making.  I hope to include some personal thoughts.  I promise to try not to be too political. I don't want any hate mail or anything.  LOL

I will be asking for subject matter that means something to everyone.  If you would like to see more, understand more, read more, become more in depth on any subject, just let me know.  I'll do the research and give you all that I can find on any subject.  I reserve the right to choose in which order these are done and research takes a little time, so it may not be out the next day.

I am in hopes of writing at least once per week, hopefully more often, but at least once per week.

Hope you will all continue to follow me.  I will post a link to new blog once it is up and running as well as a link for following me on bloglovin.

Thanks for hanging in there and I hope to see you real soon.

Be Blessed